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Get started with over £42,000 in potential benefits.

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£25 (excl. VAT) per month

Selling on Amazon allows you to reach tens of millions of shoppers, whether you’re selling one item or millions. Your account configuration is set to sell across Europe
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New Seller Incentives

Get started with £42,000 in incentives

Ready to sell with Amazon? As a new seller, you can take advantage of a series of incentives.
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10% back on your first £40,000 in branded sales, then 5% back through your first year until reaching £42,000 in bonus value*
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£80 credit for shipments into the Amazon fulfilment network using the Amazon Partnered Carrier program or £160 credit towards fulfilment costs when you use Amazon Global Logistics
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Free storage and customer returns with auto-enrolment in the FBA New Selection program, if you use FBA
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Additional credits: £160 for Amazon Vine customer reviews*, £40 for Sponsored Products ads and £40 for Amazon Vouchers
*Only applicable if you enrol your brand in Amazon Brand Registry