1.5ML Hand Sanitizer Stick With FBA


Good morning guys, really struggling on finding answers I hope you guys on this platform can help… I am plannin using Amazon FBA and storing my 1.5ml antibacterial hand sanitizing sticks they are like sugar sachets but obviously have hand sanitizer gel in it. Would it be a problem storing them with FBA please help???


Unless you are already approved to sell this kind of product, you are really going to struggle to get approved at all, for it.
But as to using FBA, assuming the above and they are not Hazmat, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Hi Neil thanks for your rapid response can you advise me why it would cause me struggle?


COVID-19 related. It seems like you haven’t been approved to sell it, correct? Figure that out first before going any further.


Exactly its already taken 3 weeks to get approved and still waiting, we have been aproved in EU Amazon martkets but with US its a massive headache as they are really making it difficult. We are just keep uploading documents one after the other but if we take a step forward we take about ten back!!!