10 Months Account Verification and may be longer


Hi, my account got into KYC verification process in 3/10/2020 because it reached certain sales volume.

4/7/2020, Amazon asked for more information
we provided required material at the same day

5/6/2020, Amazon asked for more information
we replied within 3 days

11/12/202, Amazon asked for another information
we provided the required materials at the same day

And this is the last time we heard from the verification team.

What’s going on? The shortest waiting time for an update is 1 month and the longest is 6 months. Now 2 months has passed since last contact and no update yet. Do Amazon has time frame of processing the verification? Any one monitor the verification speed?

Amazon are inviting new sellers to many new markets, but the efficiency of account verification department disappointed us. This makes business expending to other markets is prohibited.

Could some one from Amazon help to look into my case? Thanks!


are you sure they haven’t asked you for anything else? check performance notifications

the user name you are on now - is that the account in question ?

by the looks of it you firstly registered your amazon account in June - and they asked you for your docs
they then required something else in July
then i presume in december it was because you went over the £15000 threshold ?!

is that correct ?


I am afraid that no-one from Amazon will do that on here.
The forum only has a moderator who cannot possibly deal with individual cases.


My re-verification has been going on for 6 months. They have now come back to me and want a new copy bank statement and new letter from HMRC with UTR number! These were originally provided when requested months ago! Amazon verification are either lazy, thick as pig sh*t or both!
My account was put on Reserve last October because they realised it was still not verified. This meant I still had to send customer orders but had no chance of being paid for them, so I had no alternative but to put my account in holiday mode-I missed £thousands in Xmas and January Sales income! The reserve was lifted just days ago and I now have my funds they were holding, which was a few £thousand! Within one day they hit me with this request for updated proof of identity and state that I will not be able to withdraw funds until verification is complete!
I have to conclude that this is being done on purpose. Amazon are freezing Sellers’ accounts and holding their funds on the flimsiest of excuses. I have been selling on Amazon since 2011 with few issues, but the past 12 months they have paid out several fraudulent A-Z claims without referring back to me for evidence and then put a reserve on my account.

They obviously do not want independent Sellers anymore so I will simply close my account.


The last message from them was on Nov 12. I confirmed this in both Performance Notification and my email.

Yes, the first message from them in March 2020 stated that we reached the £15000 threshold so need to do KYC verification.

I’m sure they are not waiting something from me because in my account info page, there’s notification at top stating that

Your information is currently being validated. We will contact you if additional information is required. …


But you can’t close your seller account when it’s still deactivated. One’s account must be in a healthy status to submit a close account request.