12 Different Countries on my Amazon Central Account!


Hi recently set up an Amazon UK FBA account about 5 days ago, to sell only in the UK but I have received an email this afternoon saying you are ready to list internationally. I do not want to list internationally only in the UK.

Is there a way these countries can be deleted from Amazon Central Account , which are under Marketplace which is at the moment showing 12 different countries.

This is worrying me now, because I don’t want to be charged for these, but only the £25 + vat per month for the UK

Please can you help and put my mind at rest


You have signed up for a global selling account but you can make all unwanted marketplaces inactive in your Settings here.
For a more permanent solution you will need to raise a case and ask Amazon if this is possible. Be careful though, you don’t want them to close it and then not be able to hold another account.


Thanks for that it’s much appreciated. So Amazon wont charge anymore than the £25 + vat. I will do what you have said, cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately no, the agreement still stands, along with the charge for a global account. You will need to contact Amazon to see if they can amend it.


Thanks Tracey, is there a direct link to contact Amazon in regards to this ? not sure where to find it. Much appreciate your help.


Make sure your FBA settings are correct as well, if you are selling to the UK only you don’t want things to be sold abroad which if any are returned to a European warehouse that will trigger VAT in the EU countries


Thanks for that info, where would I go to check my FBA setting are correct, (what am I looking for) strangest thing is I thought I registered for the UK FBA (if that comes under europe im not sure)