1st Negative feedback that was meant for someone else


Common sense or intelligence is not required. Just a string of stock phrases. I even had a call last week from someone who spoke in stock phrases but could not understand anything I said.


Yes, it is just annoying when it is so easy to amend…


On Amazon ! No common sense here mate . Just non sense


This is the first reply I got when I applied for GTIN exemption to sell collectible coins and sent a link to the Royal Mint Web Site.

We have received the following feedback from our specialists.

The proof provided is not valid and the brand shown on the link is “The Royal Mint” and not “Coins”.

Please provide us with either a website link for the manufacturer or images of the items reflecting the brand name.


For all of sellers who have mentioned they could not able to remove it, please be known the best way to get this sort of unfair feedback removed, you need to phone amazon and get the case created by special team over the phone. I am sure they will definitely understand the situation and remove it. I able to get 2 of unfair feedback removed in 2 days.
Finger Crossed.


Exactly why should a customer who clearly has mixed up sellers, get away with destroying that seller’s reputation.
Amazon has become to lax in how it deals with these problems, much of this is caused because the SS rep is probably not UK based, and simply does not understand the problem.

Amazon need to get to be more proactive in helping seller’s who have a genuine clear problem,

Siding with the wrong attitude of the buyer, does them no favors at all, at the buyer then thinks they can get away with it, …

In addition, fine if it is just 1 feedback, but then the 2nd, 4rd, 4th come,… and then you could be in trouble…!!


The confusing thing for buyers is Amazon’s email marketing message that asks you to ‘review’ your purchase. At no point does that email say you are actually leaving feedback for the buyer, only you are reviewing the purchase.

Hence, many buyers (particularly those like this) actually give bad feedback, not intended it that way…


Up to a point but it’s the same for everyone. It’s just one of those occasional but inevtiable bu**eration factors that come along to. Generally good comms from seller to customer will get the specific issue sorted out


I completely agree. Please read my reply to Magical Planet re the problems caused when someone who has no knowledge of the UK gets advice from their so called experts.


Thank you for that. Useful


i had this before i just requested to remove the feedback and it got removed


Destroying? This is not the case. A good seller has no need to to worry about a negative review.

Yes the support is substandard but the impact of a negative is minimal. There are more important things Amazon should be focusing on.

Even after the fourth negative the impact is minimal. Some of the sellers who sell the most have awful feedback. There should be impact to buybox but sadly there isn’t.


Come back and repreat that when it effects you…


I know what it feels like to have a negative review. I have been seriously impacted by a negative product review.

My point, which we clearly don’t agree on is that the odd negative seller feedback wont affect you.


The Feedback is very unfair I had someone leave a bad one saying they were over charged postage Saying they were charged over £10 infact they paid £1.20 said they remove it But it still there


Sunday. Success at last. Someone with common sense. Thank you


We it did affect you then…


Your confused with my point.

Seller feedback and Product reviews are two completely different things.


Still bad feedback…

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