24 hours to update account queued for suspension?


I’ve received this email today. Is it spam? I can see no alerts on my Amazon Seller Central page and as far as I can see all our information is up to date.

Hello from Amazon,

Your account information must be updated. If you want to continue using our services you have to renew your account details. Transactions are not accessible until an actual email, phone number and payment method have been verified to the account, even though you may have already filled out our account creation form. This message will confirm to you that you are using accurate and updated information.

If you wish to retain your account services, you have 24 hours to update your account queued for suspension, you are advised to click on the suspension pending icon below to restrain your account from our suspended list of users.

Review your Account

Thank you for selling on Amazon,
Amazon Account Management Dept.


The same was already reported in this linked thread:

And you have also reposted the link to the fraudulent Amazon site here, I would advise you to delete it as soon as possible to prevent sellers from clicking on it.

The communication which you received isn’t genuine and doesn’t originate from Amazon, as their e-mails only ever end with @amazon.com or @amazon.co.uk and not with @amz-acs.com

To learn more, review this dedicated help page which includes instructions how to identify fake e-mails:


Also, you can report the e-mail by adding it as an attachment and sending it to:


Here are detailed instructions how to do this:



Thanks for your reassuring and prompt reply Kika. I am happy to delete the link to the fraudulent Amazon site as you suggest - just need to work out how to do that???


Unfortunately, posts can no longer be edited after 15 minutes so we will need to wait for a forum moderator to remove the link.


OK thanks Kika. I didn’t click on the link in the email as I thought it was spam/fraudulent. Hopefully others won’t either.