4 5ths of my keywords are gone


So I’m updating products,I look on Keywords and only 5 are there out of possible 40 to 50 depending on character length (I know it’s 249 characters) this has happened to the 40+ I just skimmed through.

Anyone else had this happen to them? Is there a solution?
Anyone know why this has happened?
Asking here before I get onto Seller Support.

Thanks for your time and help.



Yes, everyone has had this happen. It has been discussed.


Has it ? Really ? Peter where? :wink:
Seriously… Jake click on the magnifying glass and type Keywords gone and you will find a lot of current info.


Yeah nice one… Not like I didn’t already look.

Was hoping for a pointer to a solution not a sarky comment.


Never meant to be sarcastic. As Peter B confirmed this has been discussed at length, perhaps you should read those threads that are available to everyone as I suggested.


Well that’s up for debate but I don’t care for it. I just want to know if it’s happened to anyone today.
I keep up with the forums, I just don’t comment as much as you two.
As for typing in ‘Keywords gone’ it hasn’t brought much success to finding a solution.

For anyone wanting an answer… Just contact Sellersupport as it’s a technical error, you won’t find the help on here.


Wasn’t intended to be snarky. There is nothing new to be offered that hasn’t already been discussed in previous threads. Creating new threads for topics already covered - and quite recently - makes it harder for people with new issues to get seen.

Here are some threads that should help you get a handle on it.


Thank you.
None of those showed up when I searched. I will delete this topic as evidently that was what caused my problem in the first place.


Amazon’s search engine has never been great and that goes for the forum too unfortunately! :woman_shrugging:t3:


It’s not the same thing as what happened in August. I kept up with that when it happened and made changes. This happened to me today that is why I am confused.

You guys wouldn’t happen to know how to delete a topic? I’ve looked and can’t find a topic explaining how to do it.
There’s one on the .com but I’m not signed up for that one.


Don’t worry a couple of hours and this topic will disappear into the mists of time, no biggy.

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