5 hours HEAD SCRATCHER...! new seller account deactivated and no answer from Amazon regarding appeal


Hi forum, I have applied for an individual account on Seller Central, I received all of the introduction emails from all market places including .com. Shortly after the account then went ‘deactivated’ in all markets. I received an email saying that due to ‘section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement’, the account was deactivated and I had to send some more documents and confirm there was a valid credit card on file. My credit card is a US credit card with a US address yet my address in seller central is Italian, I then received another deactivation email and notice from .com. I resubmitted more paperwork, then 2 days later received the same unsuccessful email. I eventually changed my address with my US credit card company and the credit card address in Amazon and seller central and resubmitted on the appeal. That was on the 5th November, its now the 11th and I have heard nothing still. Has anyone had this experience or can shed any light on what may be happening?



As you have discovered, everything must match identically to Amazon when creating an account.
Verification itself is currently taking 3 months or so I’m afraid. So if your now just waiting, that’s all you can do.
If you have signed up for the professional account, I would strongly advise that you change it to an individual, so that you are not being charged each month whilst the account is not fully active.



I am in the same situation!

They aren’t specifying exactly what they need and this has been going on for months.

Last appeal submitted on the 1st Oct and no response since…


When you say an ‘Individual Account’, do you mean Individual as the legal entity, ie. not Business acct., or Individual Selling Plan, ie. did not pay the £30.00 fee ?


Yes, an individual as opposed to professional account, it means that you pay per sale as opposed to a monthly fee, I also want to upgrade to professional as I’m negotiating with suppliers on product. I can’t upgrade either, the account is very limited whilst deactivated. I will not order any product until the account is active so I’m not sitting on stock that can’t move. Any advise would be highly useful at this stage.


Thanks for the reply. I really hope I don’t have to wait that long, the account is all there, it just has a red ‘deactivated’ sign on the front.


Hi Halo_Sleep, did you manage to get your account open?