£500 promotional clicks July 2022


Did other people received an email from Amazon ads regarding £500 promotional clicks in July?

Did you receive the money? The email said that the money would be redeemed on 15 August, but we received nothing.

When we received this promotional email in July we activated our ads as per the email. We also contacted support to double check if we need to do anything else, but we were told just to wait until 15 August and £500 would be redeemed automatically.
Amazon nicely took our money for advertising and nothing came back from the promotion. We contacted support on 16 August asking about this promotion, sent them a copy of the initial email as per their request and since then, every 6 days they just send an email that the case is still under investigation.

The initial email about the promotional clicks said that the money could be used for advertising until 30 September, we are already approaching it, so even if they give the money soon, there is no way for us to use it during so short period.

Was a nice trick from Amazon to push more sellers to unprofitable advertising?
I do not think we will ever trust Amazon’s promotions, do not believe them.


I have the exact same problem, with the exact same promotion. I have now had 3 replies (approx 1 a week) from support saying they are investigating … What is there to investigate? Amazon made the offer, I set up campaigns that qualified. Still no credit. Very shoddy.

As buyers of Amazon Advertising we are the customers in this situation, Amazon is the seller. Where is the ‘passion for customer service’.

How many others have had the same thing happen?

Undermines trust - critical in a business relationship.


Absolutely agree.
We also wonder what they investigate. We received possibly 5-6 replies, why so long? Just say no if you do not want to pay. The deadline is approaching, so we will not be able to use it.

Maybe they are waiting for 29 September? and this £500 will expire on 30th September, so Amazon will lose nothing.

I lost my trust completely.


We had a similar issue. We had advertising associate setup the advertising for us. The costs of the advertising was very very expensive so we tried to cancel but the system did not allow us to cancel. We never shown how to cancel or how it was setup. For three months funds kept coming out of the account. Running at a loss dispute raising several cases the matter has not been resolved. Paying for advertising which produces no results is not worth having.


Just to let you (and others) know that I have received the £500 promotional credit into my advertising account. Amazon have also extended the date to use it by so I have a full month. It did take a few messages, and the late arrival meant I spent more on ads in the last month or so than intended.

However, I’m happy it’s sorted - more because of the trust issue than the finance tbh.

Hope you are now sorted too @ASDT


Yes, they eventually gave these credits a couple of days ago, much later than promised, which means we paid for ads for two months ourselves, which we didn’t plan.
When I looked at the dates how it was happening, several days after the credits were given, we still received an email that the case is still under consideration. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

I lost trust, and I now expect that they can withdraw the credits, or say that we did something incorrectly - and do not allow to redeem ad costs against the credits.
They are powerful and can do whatever they want, saying - it was in the small print somewhere, we do not have any means to protect ourselves.

The help is almost non-existent, so if something goes wrong - no help.
Amazon buyers are protected - Amazon just returns them the money at our expense, even though the buyer damages the product. No protection for us, even when Amazon itself promises something.


To everybody:

As we expected, these promotional credits, which we discussed earlier, were not applied despite their written confirmation that they would do it automatically.
They nicely took the money from our account.
So the mess continues.

If you receive emails from Amazon offering promotional credits if you activate your ad campaign, do not believe them, credits are not given, and if you put a lot of time to get these credits, they are not redeemed anyway, so you will get nothing from Amazon.

Complete waste of time and money, do not believe Amazon’s promotions.


Have you read the small print of the offer? Was there anything that said “only for sellers that haven’t advertised before” or something like this?

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