90k Hold becouse of account verification process. People lose their business because they can't pay their bills, worker payments and bank loans


Dear sellers,

I believe we are a lot in this boat. For some reason, they deleted the last topic, so I decided to open a new one. Please all of you who have the same problem, share your thoughts on this and let’s find a way to escalate this issue to the right people in the Amazon team. Lots of businesses can’t pay salaries and bank loans and their businesses go bankrupt because of this issue. Our account is going on verification(5 years selling) for more than a month now. We have more than 90K frozen and no one gives us any information. It’s Christmas time and I have to tell my 20 employees that there will be no money for them because of this validation process. Our company has been validated before, we sell in all European countries, we pay our VAT everywhere. 100% legal business. I can’t believe that Amazon is letting such an issue to let happen. They are putting people’s lives on the map.

Please all of you who have experienced such an issue - let us know how did it go, what did you do? How can we contact or call?

It is a really stressful situation!


375k hold due to account verification, borrowed 100k to keep the cash flow running

Providing you have the correct docs Re-verification seems to go through quick self employed seems to take longer as they need letter mostly from Hmrc.


Although I feel your you, if you’re depending on Amazon to keep your business afloat then you only have yourself to blame. All sellers know that Amazon can pull the plug on seller accounts anytime at their whim. I’m not saying it’s right but it is the reality. Putting yourself and your business at the Mercy if Amazon is sheer madness.

That said I sincerely hope you solve your problem.


We had this a couple years ago. In the end I emailed the MD escalation team,saying we were about to go bust unless they release our funds and they did that day. It may have been a coincidence but who knows, try it if not done so already.


I gave all the documents that are needed. Stamped and translated. Last time verification took 2 days. It seems it is a problem a lot of businesses has, they hold our money for months. I read that some are waiting for 4-5 months now.


Did it two days ago. Waiting for now. This is the e-mail: managingdirector@amazon.co.uk, right?


I wonder if its the translation part or docs what tends to happen is the people who are delayed end up having to send multiple docs as first ones wrong… Well apparently wrong according to amz


I submitted documents in July. Since then my account has said “Your information is currently being validated. We will contact you if additional information is required.”

I emailed seller-verification-enquiry@amazon.co.uk a month ago who replied my account was in the final stages of verification and I just had to wait.

My funds have been on hold but I can at least still sell - when I last went through verification in 2017, that took almost 4 months and my listings were inactive the entire time.


Hi I am in the same boat , 90k is held since November 22nd. It is extremely stressful situation. Problem is , we cant contact anyone and waiting is endless. I had an update on 2nd of December to upload some documents again and since then no update. I am running out of money. I will have to deactivate account very soon. I hope MD email can help us.



you have said everything i was going to post beb so i wont bother now


Just like those who find a product they think will sell in buckloads. They find one, get a loan to purchase a mega amount of stock only to see Amazon sell it themselves at a later date at a far reduced price.


Mine took 10 days last month 4th verification in 10 years.Had to upload 2 docs,Bank Statement,& Self Assesment Statement.
Check your account settings one of the uploads I had no notification I only found by expanding every section in Account Info.


My friend brace yourself for a long ride… And when they re-instate your account they may also re-suspend or Deactivate what ever they call it. With questions patterning to the product you sell. If your invoices are over 180 days as I did since some of the item where from my eBay and website they may not re-instate your account until you contact the CEO or file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman. Amazon is so powerful that they even can afford to ignore a request form authority. I got access to my money 4 months later during this time I was in financial ruin and I am still paying for it now. What I did was email the CEO, emailed my MP who’s very well connected (a Tory of course) and filed a complaint with the financial ombudsman. The combination of the three got me re-instate all I got was an email response a week or two later. I believe it was my MP’s influence. Word of advice do not attack them, just explain why you are in this situation and the devastating impact it has on your mental health and financial circumstances. I was suspended around this time last year as well. It’s a very bad memory.


Hi to you all,

To all the people here on these forums saying all is going well with verification its a lie,

We have been on amazon for 10+years and for the last 4 months we have been stuck in a loop to verify our account, for a simple bank account number change (uk bank account was always the same just euro accounts changed to my uk verified bank account). ~All docs given to amazon have been upto date and have all matched but we keep getting passed and transferred in the system and no one replies to us, You guys need to leave this place and stop telling us all goes well after verification. Let us make noise becuase this is not on, Ive made alot of money on amazon enough to leave here from tommorrow but what about the other smaller sellers? they maybe wont be having funds to feed themselves soon.

The last 4 months we have lost all of the christmas trade, whats the point of relying on a company like amazon when they cant help us in this simple situation. Believe me im fully done with this platform and ive been focusing my energy on other platforms much better service, and we are not gonna continue with Amazon. Time to leave and let them realize how important we are to them.

thumbs up to the people who are fed up with bad service, but to all the others who say this is the best platform, when your time comes and the leave you out of sales your done, believe me dont put all your eggs in the amazon basket, its not worth the pain later.

im out…!!


invoices should be valid up to 1 year not 180 days


I am in the same boat. They have been holding monies for an age. I have submitted documents including my wife’s old passport. They have not accepted the passport and therefore since she does not have a UK driving license we have had to apply for a new passport. She is partially sighted and suffers from Alzheimers and we have no intention of going abroad again. We did not want a new passport but that doesn’t matter to Amazon and we have had to spend £111. I have been selling on Amazon for over 12 years. I do not understand what is going on or why!! I know Amazon are under investigation in the US . I also understand that many many sellers are in this situation. What happens to all the money Amazon are “holding” Is it invested on the money markets and if it is should not the profits be ours? Strange goings on and I am not convinced it is contractually justified.


Wow! I thought it was just me! They are sitting on about 100,000 K of my money. I’ve been selling in the EU since 2015, fully VAT registered, bank info hasn’t changed in two years and business info hasn’t changed in 20 years. I submitted whatever documents they asked for and then realized recently: “Hey! I’m out of Euros!” It’s been about a month since my last payment. I am kept alive by my US sales and website. I guess I should be happy that they haven’t shut me down?


but if the product has no expiry date - the invoices should be good forever,

provided one can product enough invoices to cover the quantities sold through amazon.


Amazon tells you to provide invoices dated within 180 days. This should not be an issue why set a time limit on an invoice in a first place. Some products are slow seller some are fast. Your slow seller becomes old stock what’s he point of ordering more stock when you haven’t managed to get raid of your old stock?


yes you are correct there shouldnt be a time limit however you are incorrect in the time limit it is 365 days not 180