95% of my FBA stock suddenly disappeared


Hi all,
I keep an eye on my sales daily and I don’t remember the last time there was a day without a single order.
It happened three days ago. Not normal, but fine. Then two days in row seemed weird so I took a closer look and noticed I barely had any products in stock. Pretty much everything was showing as inactive as out of stock which couldn’t be right.
Opened a case with support, and they asked for an ASIN. I said it was many and gave them a random one. They came back with the following:

“We have completed our investigation, and our findings are below:
Reimbursable: 1 transaction ID(s)
We have processed reimbursements for your transaction ID(s).
Reimbursements may take two to three working days to reflect in your account.
You can see the reimbursements in either your Reimbursements Report or your Payments Report in Seller Central.”

They also share a link for me to see my Reimbursements Report.
I was shocked to see that over two days, almost 450 units of my stock across around 20 different ASINs were showing up there. The reason ? Damaged_Warehouse.

I’ve had an occasional reimbursements due to Damaged_Warehouse.but this time it was almost all my stock. I’ve seen videos on youtube about amazon FBA warehouses and the random way they organize the products in the shelves and I can’t possible understand how this could have happened.

I told them that I need more answers to understand my next steps and whether those “damaged” items are in sellable condition (because if so I suspect Amazon can compete with me).

Has this happened to anyone else?
Thanks in advance


I am not aware of any incidents in warehouses but that amount of damaged stock indicates something such as a fire, water damage or some other incident which has caused a lot of stock to be damaged.

I doubt you will get an answer from Amazon as to why it has happened. Are the reimbursements what you would have got from the sold items? If so then you shouldn’t be out of pocket but may take you time to replenish the missing stock.

EDIT: If you are worried about Amazon selling the ‘Damaged’ items then there is probably not much you can do about that…if it does happen it may be worth you purchasing one to see what (if any) damage there is


I wonder if they were being transferred to somewhere else and a truck caught fire or something? Once reimbursed though you basically lose all rights to the items and Amazon can sell them if they choose to - though they should show up as Amazon Warehouse and not in new condition.


It would be great if all my stock got warehouse damaged! Easy money.

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