A sudden drop in book sales, help please


hi everyone.
I apologize in advance if this topic repeats .
I am a relatively new seller (3 months). I only sell books.
I have noticed a sudden drop in book sales. It happened literally overnight.
I would like to emphasize that nothing has changed in my activities on Amazon. I have 100 percent positive feedback, low prices, and the most sought-after books.
My sales dropped suddenly, as I mentioned, by as much as 60-70% overnight.
Has anyone had such experiences, or could anyone share their thoughts?
Thank you in advance for your help.


Are you still listing new inventory on a regular basis? Managing to maintain a decently-sized inventory?


Are you selling new or used books?


Just used books , any suggestions?


I’m listing used books through Amazon seller app


I’ve sold 3 or 4 items this year. You sell on the whims of the buyers. If they aren’t buying your items regularly there is nothing sinister about it. It has nothing to do with your account. Also, if you search the forum you will see a number of similar posts.

Why do people think that selling on Amazon is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? And then freak out when they don’t have a sale for 24 hours? :roll_eyes:


you write out off topic. I sell books, and books sell regardless of people’s whim. I am quite a recent seller on Amazon, but when it comes to books, I have a lot of experience. I asked this question because I do not know Amazon algorithms well yet and the question is aimed at experienced sellers who are definitely here. nevertheless thanks for your comment and wish you improved sales.


I’d go back and think about what Demel wrote. Consistent sales with used books relies mainly, in my experience, on consistent listing of new stock. The more you list, the more you sell. Obviously all the better if the stock is made up of good, sought-after titles and is competitively priced.

If you have opened an account, uploaded your stock, sold a good proportion of the best books and not kept up with adding new, good quality stock then sales will, of course, decline.

Things also obviously vary with time of the month and time of year but right now I would expect most booksellers to be doing reasonably well.


I know from my own experience with used books that regular listing is very important. I’ve recently had to switch supplier and the 3 or 4 weeks of getting everything sorted has really impacted sales.


ok thank you for your help, your tips are valuable to me. I hope that I will be able to repay you somehow.
last question, according to your experience it is better to send e.g. a large number of products once a month or small parcels more often e.g. 3-5 times a week?


As you’re doing FBA, books that are in your house and not with Amazon can’t sell.

That said, maximise the discounted cost of using UPS. I personally wouldn’t send in much less than 15kg at one time unless they were maybe very seasonal or high value.

Most of my stock currently comes on a pallet so generally I’m sending multiple boxes in one go once per week, but if i’ve had other stock come in i’ll get that sent in and have a second collection that week.


Thank you for your help , i’m really appreciate


I’ve been selling used books for 15 years. Sometimes it’s very good, other times don’t sell anything for days. If you sell very popular books there are huge volumes for sale and for yours to be picked you are just lucky. It’s only a hobby for me, so not something I rely on. There again some books sell all of a sudden and they could have been on sale and in my inventory for years and years.


Many people on other sites, me included, have reported a drop in sales volumes since the beginning of November, all sorts of things affect, sales levels, and regularity of sales, Halloween and Bonfire Night, are additional costs for many people and may have affected disposable income for many, the four week lockdown in England may also cause concern for potential buyers, though sales of book have increased significantly during the first lock down.

I agree with other posters that continually adding new stock increases sales


Agree Andrew, my book sales went through the roof as well. It was great. Sold loads of books I had for years.


On the other hand, my sales off Amazon are slightly better than usual for early November. Swings and roundabouts.

One thing is certain, however. Amazon’s book search function is, let’s put it politely, compromised. The advanced search page has been hidden and the algorithm on the main page throws up anything with a related tag. Time and again, I’ve input the name of an authoer and a less than generic title only to get a couple of pages of completely unrelated stuff before I give up and go to another website. I’ve tried the same search terms simultaneously on two computers - and got different results.

Older posters might remember the way the Z shop function was allowed to fall apart before it was replaced by Marketplace. You might also remember asking why Amazon bothered to buy ABE. It’s conceivable that used and/or out of print books are going to be discouraged here and sellers pushed towards ABE.