A-Z Case Help. No Reply to Amazon Button



A customer recently opened an A-Z Case for item not received. I had already been in Amazon message conversation with the buyer as the tracking showed delivery attempted but no one was home, this comes with a photo of the door and GPS location check. It transpired the courier had attempted delivery at 115 instead of 115A, so I re arranged the delivery for the buyer with extra notes about the house number.

The buyer the opened an A-Z case which Amazon found in the buyers favour and refunded them straight away without us having a chance to respond. The next day the courier delivered the goods correctly and we have a PDF proof of delivery with a signature in the buyers name, correct house photo and a GPS location check which is now correct. I appealed the case stating we now had the full POD and the buyer had accepted and signed for goods despite having a refund.

The issue is Amazon have responded to me via Email asking me to upload the POD as follows:-
How can I provide the requested information?
Find this claim on the A-to-z Guarantee Claims page in Seller Central and click ‘Respond to Amazon’.

The problem is there is no respond to Amazon button on the claim showing and seems to be no way to submit my evidence. As always it is a no reply email and I have 3 days to provide the evidence. Has anyone got any idea how I can do this please?

Thanks Paul


If you cannot access the appeals process through the normal channels, open a new case with seller support and advise what has happened. If you are a professional seller, you can do this in real time chat mode. If an individual seller, you will need to use email. That should hopefully get someone on your case. Good luck.


Check where the email came from, sometimes they send it from an email address that accepts replies (usually one with lots of randomised characters in there to link it to the correct issue)
Other times it’s a no-reply email address.

Besides this, like Retro_Emporium said, open a case with Seller Support.


Thanks for the advice, I am currently on live chat on another tab but going round in circles at the moment. First they said I can’t upload as the case is closed, so I pointed out I’ve appealed and Amazon requested the POD. Told me to reply the email, even though it is a no reply email and it bounced straight back. Waiting for next answer now. They drive you mad at times!


Keep cool, keep pushing it.


Over an hour later and still going on live chat :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


You can also try emailing the A-to-Z team directly at payments-guarantee@amazon.co.uk
However they don’t always respond to direct emails.
Worth a shot though. Make sure you include the order number in the subject line.


Right so basically after an hour the answer they have given is as follows : -

I request you to write to seller-performance@amazon.co.uk along with the POD and the explain that the links are not working.

While the claim is being investigated, buyer-seller messages are also reviewed, therefore, I request you to upload the POD there as well.

I’m not convinced but I have done both and also copied in payments-guarantee@amazon.co.uk

Will post the outcome.

Thanks Paul


So they want you to write to the team that’s in charge of account suspensions and seller metrics… makes sense…
At least they’re one of the more intelligent departments and are likely to forward it to the correct team.