A-Z claims not showing in seller central


This is infuriating - i checked an couple threads from 2018 but sellers were all saying different things

i get a claim and it shows ZERO here at all times. So you have to click. Then it still says 0. And only when you click under review can you see the bloody thing

Keep losing claims because i didn’t notice the email come in. its a joke


ive complained about this before,and also if it does work which it never has for me it apparently wouldnt show any other countries so you havee to check them hourly too.

if you contact support it will go like this which makes me want to put my head in the oven

“can i have your name so i can address you properly”

(the gas is on)

“can you give me the order number”

(head is in the oven)

good fun here isnt it.


The performance widget doesn’t show in my seller central, I have to view it using the Performance link: Performance drop down menu then > A-Z Claims