A-Z granted on return lost in transit


A buyer opened a return for a £42 item with amazon at the beginning of December. They chose an evri label via amazon, and dispatched it.
Evri has not seen/moved the parcel since the 8th of December.
They will not speak to me as recipient.

The buyer has filed an A-Z claim which has been granted, even though this has not returned to us.

Beyond appealing (which will no doubt be refused like all appeals), and sucking it up, what options do I have here?


Your a-to-z appeal will not get anywhere, as amazon policy says lost in transit you have to claim via the courier.

Unfortunately not easy to claim via Evri as the label is not in your account name, its in amazons.

There are workarounds that others have found to have worked.


Hello @DripDrop,

This is Xeno from Amazon to help you with your concerns.

We understand the concern about the A-Z Guarantee Claim that has been granted to the buyer. Let’s work together in finding the solution.

I would have really loved to help, but it would be really helpful if you can reach out to our Seller Support team by clicking here, so that the respective team can review it for you and assist you further with the best possible resolution.

The forums community and I are always here to support you. Please let us know how we can help you from this point forward.



@Xeno_Amazon - the support team will tell DripDrop to claim via Evri. Unforunately the process to claim via Evri is difficult. we should simply provide the label code but because its an Amazon account the label has been purchased on - we cannot claim. Evri in fact tell us to claim via Amazon!

Some sellers have found ‘workarounds’ but this isn’t acceptable. All we are asking, is for Amazon and Evri to agree a process for us to claim for lost returns and to tell us sellers what it is.


Hi @DripDrop ,

Pia here, to help you with your concerns.

I understand your question is about the A to Z guarantee claims.

You have stated

There is a procedure for reporting lost shipments and being eligible for reimbursements. In cases where Amazon determines that you were not at fault, you may be issued a reimbursement at Amazon’s sole discretion.

This is known as submitting a Safe-t claim. You can learn more about by clicking here.

Additionally, attaching a help page that explains the entire process of filing an A to Z guarantee claim.

In such cases, you can also contact our Selling Partner team, which can be found here.

Please continue to post any relevant information in relation to this topic so it can be addressed at a later time.





@Pia_Amazon I will direct you now to the Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders.

What happens if the return is lost or damaged in transit?
You will be responsible for filing a claim directly with the carrier if a return is lost or damaged in transit. If this happens, and the item was not refunded through refund at first scan, process a full refund to the customer and file a claim directly with the carrier to receive a reimbursement.

We cannot claim via a Safe-T claim for returns lost by the courier. You are incorrect.

However, there is no clear process to claim via the courier, in this instance Evri.

  • Amazon provide the Evri labels
  • the labels are in Amazons name, on Amazons account
  • Evri do not want to entertain a refund in many cases as we are no the account holder the label is linked to

How is this so difficult for amazon to advise a claim process for Evri lost returns?


The first options that appears on the Safe-t claim dropdown list is “Item was refunded, but not returned to me”. Have you tried this, assuming it’s a FBM order?


Doesn’t work - amazon simply state you must claim via the courier.

I believe that option is for a scenario where the customer was somehow refunded, but the item was not even sent. The only scenario now where this would occur is if the customer opened an A to Z where there’s proof it was delivered and they opened a return request, said they returned it but didn;t and amazon refunded via the A to Z. You would be able to show the prepaid return label wasn’t scanned. Mind, I’m unsure what you can open a A to Z for.

Once its scanned in by Evri, its deemed in the courier network, and that is where you need to claim via the courier.


So the advice provided by the Amazon mod is obviously incorrect, I’ve never opened a claim for that reason so thanks for clarifying.

OP, you say that Evri won’t speak to you as recipient. Evri will speak to senders and recipients so by this do you mean you have not been able to get past the automated system as it tells you to contact Amazon?

If so you need to enter a tracking number for an order purchased on your own account (or anyone elses as any number beginning C00HHA will give you the option to say “speak to someone”. Once you get through you then give them the actual tracking number and explain that Amazon’s terms are clear that we must claim from Evri directly. This has worked for me but all you can claim is £20 plus the label cost.

If a mod reads this then nothing has been done about the issue of orders between £20 and £100 where sellers lose out. I’ve never had a Royal Mail return go missing but do RM pay out directly or tell sellers to take it up with Amazon?


Hi Pia

I am a little confused with the information. According to paragraph 2.1 of the safe-t claim policy the seller would not qualify please could you advise.

2.1 Which orders and use cases are not eligible for SAFE-T reimbursement?

The following types of orders and use cases are not eligible for SAFE-T reimbursement:

  • Orders that were lost or damaged in transit. Instead, you can file a claim with the carrier for a possible reimbursement.

Amazon Denying Safe - T claims against 1st scan Evri Returns

Again though - this is a workaround - what if you don’t have an Evri code that isn’t an amazon one? Fair enough if it works - but its not an acceptable solution.


Hi Pia

Please could you reply to my previous message to ensure we follow the correct process.


SafeT claim cannot be used for any order that has gone to A-Z, which OP was.


I didn’t say it was an acceptable solution but what other option is there? The moderators are unlikely to take up this issue with anyone in Amazon because the company is so vast they know they won’t get a response internally yet alone a solution. We ask them to assist but we know that nothing is likely to be done. As for an Evri tracking number that isn’t an amazon one, sellers can ask on here. I’ve provided numbers via messages to those who have asked.

Only Amazon and Evri know what their agreement says about lost returns and who should make the claim.


Forgive me if you thought I was decrying the solution - its helpful obviosuly - its just not on! If a moderator can’t do anything, then a moderator such as @Winston_Amazon or @Pia_Amazon or @Xeno_Amazon should admit there is nothing they can do about the matter. You see them now jumping in on lots of other topics - but they remain silent on this one. Its just odd.


You can not file a Safe-T claim for an order that was refunded via A-Z.


Thank you for this. Yes you’re right I got stuck at the automated system that kept on trying to get me to provide account holder details, and I got a tiny bit frustrated with it.
That’s a really good tip, and I will try this.

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