A-Z Guarantee granted due to late delivery of package and Royal Mail strike


Customer granted an A-Z as package not received even though its in the Royal Mail system
It has been held up because of strike.I appealed to Amazon and gave the mtracking number and shipping evidence it left on time in my appeal but heard back nothing. This is surely getting stupid now. My metrics are consequently affected. Any sufggestions how to appeal further?


Unfortunately if its delivered after the EDD, you won’t win an appeal
Did you use buy shipping as if so, you may get the defect removed


Thanks for your swift reply. The point I am making its in the Royal Mail system and due to the ongoing strike action it is held in the system awaiting delivery. I didnt use buy shipping as although I have downloaded ther app it does not seem to work with my Royal Mail click and drop account.
Also with the huge backlog in The Royal Mail warehouses surely multiple sellers using Royal Mail click and drop will recieve numerous A-Z guarantees from buyers due to late delivery of their order?= closure of their accounts.
Assuming my buyer will receive her order what legal means do I have at my disposal to get her to return the order?


I understand - many of us are in the same boat but amazon are sticking by their a-z policy that unless its delivered on time, you will loose an a-z

You have to hope she’s honest and if not, you pursue the matter with amazon - not the customer


I had 2 a couple days ago again both held up. But must of cought them in a good day as both were amazon funded. Or they had seen had been hit hard in November with claims and took pitty.

So it’s confusing.

Most customers have been ok and willing to wait, but no idea how much longer.


its only going to get much worse…


£50 out of pocket me in the last five days and an ever rising defect rate.


It is, I second that. For the small orders that you rely on Royal Mail, it is almost that you have to write it off. For the more valuable stuff, consider new terms with another courier, it may save you a bit in the New Year and will be in a much happier place when you don’t have to rely heavily on Royal Mail.


I certainly will as I see no resolution to his dispute for months on end…