Accepted for Handmade but not able to add product


Hi - I’m very new here and finding it a bit confusing. I was accepted for Handmade a couple of days ago but it doesn’t seem to be letting me add a product. When I select the category there is a padlock icon and if I click on it, it just goes to the application form again.

Does it take a while to update my account or will I need to contact someone?

Thanks, Rachel


Hi, I have the same probleme since one month, I opened several cases, sent several eamil and everything remained the same. Is this probleme already fixed for you?


Hi Rachel

I am having the same issue. I go to add my first product and there is a padlock next to the handmade option.

What kind of email did you get for the acceptance into handmade?

I got two emails - one said that my application was successful I just need to wait till the verification process is done.

Then a few days later I got an email saying it was time to list my first product.

However I am now wondering if the list your product was for ‘generic’ amazon and my handmade application is still pending.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes