Access denied in aws MWS scratchpad


I applied for developer account access for my sellar account . In response I get couple of keys from amazon
Amazon Access key id
Amazon secret key

But when I try to fetch product list or get order using those keys on aws mws scratchpad I am getting access denied error .
Any clue how to resolve this ? Am I missing something ? Also I didnt get any MWSAuthToken

Thanks ,
Muhammad Obaid


You can ask Amazon MWS directly…
Good luck


You don’t need an MWSAuthToken to use the scratchpad …so you’ve likely got a problem with your keys/permissions …can you not register with another email address (this will generate new AccessI D & secret key for you)


Same issue here. I can get the status responses because they are not behind authentication but just get access denied for all of the requests. Opened a case with amazon but no response after 3 days. They are utterly useless at seller support.

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