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It would have helped to know the we can only view the forums if we access Amazon via Firefox or Chrome. Support just kept asking us for screenshots (which we sent three times) and were no help at all. It wasn’t until one of our staff with Chrome access tried and got the forums. How typical of Amazon to assume their sellers are psychic!


typical of seller support! Surprising that a company like amazon cannot afford to hire and pay reliable people for this job and instead want to pay less abroad …


At the moment its working ok on IE (again) but for how long…


Nobody knows
Enjoy it as long as it works
There are also other days coming
Nice afternoon


Today is the first time I could access this with Internet Explorer,I know the othe rbrowsers are quicker,but I like and use this most often.Do not like this new format Forum at all.
Bring back the old Amazombies of several years ago.Much friendlier and just as useful.



we ready to dispatch but till yet easy shipment person not come to pickup my order.



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