Account activation and restriction on listing items


I just want to open an individual account just to clear some stuff which is spare.
when I try to open the account and I got this email from amazon
,If you think your selling activity fits the ‘Individual’ legal entity, please reply to this email to answer the following questions:
– What is the source of your inventory?
What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information within 28 days, you will not be allowed to sell on Amazon’s European marketplaces.

Can anyone help me how to tackle thiis situation and what is the best course of action. though i have provided them all my documents and i am eagerly want to open and activation my account

Kind Regards


A well known auction site is the best place to sell items that you’re trying to get rid of as an individual.

Amazon is built around a catalogue model designed for high volume sales of the same items, so once approved to sell you might find it difficult to list some items and secondly some items might not sell for months or even years.


– What is the source of your inventory?

Well this is what they want to know - you will have to tell them where you bought the items that you now want to sell. If they are old used items then tell them - but make sure that you list them as Used not new. Make sure they can be sold on Amazon too (ie you can’t sell s/h clothing, shoes etc).


thanks but my question is why they have an individual option if we are unable to sell items like new one


You can, but it’s a hassle to sell items as an individual seller.

Once an item has passed a retail point of purchase it is no longer considered “new” as per Amazon’s guidelines. You could list them at “Used - Like New”.


Because if you are selling new items that you have bought in and want to sell, you are a business and must register as such - not an individual.