Account at risk of deactivation


No you cannot do that, word it wrong and it’s review and feedback manipulation unfortunately.
When you requested the feedback removal did you say yes to it being a product review ?
Go to your account health and what’s your ODR ?
Even if customer leaves negative feedback and opens an a-z it should only count as 1 defect
You can lower the defect rate by selling more


I once did an automatic feedback removal request, which was denied. I re-opened the case and it was looked at by a human (I think lol!) and upon further review, it was removed due to being exactly that, a product review.

It would be well worth giving this a try.


Thank you so much for your advice, im seriously thinking of closing the case and refundung her just to get rid. There is a button on the case log which says close the case, would that be the one to use? Lynn


I did and they still refused, im thinking it is an automatic response though.


It’s entirely your decision on the A-Z, either let it run it’s course or draw a line under it and just move on. You never know they may side in your favour, but given what now happens with A-Z’s, unlikely.

Don’t forget, you can put a follow up response to the 1 star negative review on your seller account. You have up to 400 characters to put your own side of the story across. Just make sure to not make it personal, be professional and word your relpy as best you can do.


Thanks i have done that, i tried closing the case so i can refund her and forget about it but it wont let me refund


Done i had to refund her too for her return postage. but its closed. Now its showing my account status in help as pending verification and needing more documents. Is this a glitch?


Not sure why you are seeing this, are you able to take a screenshot of your account health page and upload it here?


says its from august this year, ive not had my account deactivated


Do you have anything showing in performance notifications from today, since you closed the A-Z case?


No nothing, this is dating back to August 2021


Are you sure you’re on your UK account as that notification is referring to the EU? Look at the box at the top right(ish) of your seller central page and make sure it says United Kingdom.


just refund her, you should have done that in the first place. the customer is always right on amazon, you’ll have to get used to it


Yes i think its a glitch as my account is fine.


yes learnt my lesson there, annoying though when something is sent back damaged. Other venues will support you Ebay does, Etsy does, Amazon no, not a chance, learnt that now.


On your sales record there is a box for your comments to yourself. Put all the detail of the issue in to that comment box as Amazon reviewers do read that and take it in to account and it may help.:sunglasses:


In my experience reviews can count negatively to your account if a reviewer leaves a review of “counterfeit” or “fake” in the comments, that being said I rarely see any other type of review do any damage to accounts.


I used to work for a company many years ago, rule1 the customer is always right .
Rule 2 if you don’t believe this refer to rule one .
I have never forgot this in my 17 years of selling online .


I’ve just had a neg review (cheap tackky horrible waste of money) and is quite clearly a product review and i cannot get it shifted off feedback. Even contacted MD who simply bounced it back to the same team with the same original outcome. Any advice greatly appreciated?


Have you appealed in the hope of a human reading it ?