Account at risk of deactivation


being blunt here! I’ll say you have more chance of winning the euro lottery than Amazon helping you out with this! the ‘customer’ is always right even when they are not.
good luck though, dont beat yourself up over it and just move on is my advice.


I had hoped in some sort of considered response lol. But once you get the “this is a final decision” and the only next likely response seems to be Forced Darwinian selection, do you think i should leave it?


Yes, if you’ve already gone to MD leave it now as others have had warnings


thanks Little Shop - I shall take your advice and keep my head down


Where is the sales record?


If you go to your orders, manage orders, do a search for the order concerned at the top of the page in the search box, when you get it back it shows a summary of the sale history. Click on the highlighted order number near the top of the left hand side of the screen and then you will see a screen that has the specifics of the order - on the right hand side of that screen is a box that is headed “seller comments” you can then type a short dialogue of your choosing - within the Amazon permitted parameters. These comments are only seen by you and Amazon.

Hope this helps :sunglasses:


You can also leave a reply to the feedback saying something like “sold loads, no other complaints over many years …This comment is a product review and according to Amazon policy should be removed but its AI disagrees " then go and if you have the option, request help on the original case pointing out that the comments are not feedback but a product review and do not reflect your service / performance!”

My instance like this was removed in less than 24 hours … but there is no absolute guarantee as it seems Seller Support for the last week or two have been closing cases without even reading them or understanding them at all and then invoking the “you cannot reply” lame duck to avoid doing their job properly. :zipper_mouth_face: They only get away with it because management is only interested in the statistics not the result - shocking but becomeing more and more the norm !