Account block - 30 days to remove inventory from Amazon.DE Germany


We’ve received the “Account block” email regarding selling on Amazon.DE this morning.

We are a relatively new seller and within scope of this block, so sent over all of the documents required for Amazon’s VAT service (Avalara) 7 weeks ago. Our German VAT application still shows as “Pending”.

We knew this was going to happen, so that’s no surprise. However, the “Account block” email says:

“You are allowed a 30-day period to remove your inventory from DE fulfilment centers, after which, any remaining inventory will be disposed of at your cost without further notice.”

“We” are myself and my partner, both working part-time alongside other jobs, so this is going to be an absolute nightmare for us to manage. Surely Amazon can just charge us for storage while THEIR third-party (Avalara) service application is in progress? I’ve raised this via a case to Seller Support, but I’m expecting a template response that doesn’t answer anything close to my question.

Is anybody else in this situation? If so, have you raised this question with Seller Support, and do you have a plan (other than the obvious)?

NB: Please don’t reply if you’re going to say “You applied too late”. That’s obvious in hindsight and a totally unhelpful response.


I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated even though you applied for the VAT in Germany (despite you should have done so prior to sending any inventory into FBA in the country).

Unfortunately, on Amazon you need to remove any Unfulfillable inventory from their warehouses within the 30 days deadline, as this has always been the case.

Amazon will not make exemptions, regardless of the circumstances and the fact that you are working on having the account reactivated.

Please check this main thread where the issue with German Tax Certificate related suspensions is already being discussed:


Out of curiosity Kika, how would I identify which items are being stored in German fulfilment centres so I can remove them before they are destroyed?


To see where your FBA inventory is stored, go into:

Reports - Fulfillment by Amazon - Inventory - Daily Inventory History

Or visit this link:


Thank you for that Kika. I’ve looked at the stocks that are in Germany but I can’t seem to find a way to remove those specific items. Is there anyway to create a removal order just for the affected items in German centres?


Since I am not in a similar situation, I am afraid I can’t advise if there is a way how to remove just the units of a particular SKU, which are stored in Germany.

Maybe you could try opening a case with the Seller Support.


Thanks anyway Kika, I have yes, I just thought I would ask in case you knew as you tend to reply five times faster than seller support.


You can create a removal order for a specific country using an inventory file. Here you will find a link where you can download an Excel file and enter all the required information and upload the file. After a few minutes of upload, your removal order will be created.


Thanks Kika -

The thread you’ve linked to is different to this, in that the people on there have stated that they are exempt from the requirement of a German tax certificate, but have been blocked by Amazon anyway.

Our issue is that we messaged to ask how long it was going to take for the registration to be processed (via their Avalara supplied service) and were told 6-8 weeks. We sent off all of the required documentation 7 weeks ago today and it is still “Pending”.

We were expecting to be blocked, but the removal of goods within 30 days is a total shock to us, as we hadn’t seen that detailed anywhere.

If we’ve applied via the VAT service Amazon has provided through Seller Central, why can an exemption not be made to keep our inventory in the fulfillment centres until it is processed? They’re still getting paid for storage.

We’re not asking for the block to be lifted prior to the certificate being issued… we just don’t want to pay to have all of our stock removed, then lose two days of our lives processing it to send back a few weeks later.

Not to mention the CO2 footprint of doing so, but we all know that’s not high on Amazon’s priority list…


Unfortunately, Amazon never offered any exemptions to their policies to sellers, regardless of the circumstances.


I know what you’re saying - despite not trading for very long, we’ve experienced the unbelievably harsh response from Amazon Seller Support several times, so we know they do not deviate from any single letter of their script, even if it makes no sense in the given situation.

This is different though. Germany have never changed the law to require a tax certificate before, so this is unprecedented. There is ample opportunity to create a policy for this block, which does not require the stock to be removed if there is proof that it is waiting on the German revenue service.

Again, it makes no sense. There’s going to be cost and time involved for both Amazon and ourselves, yet the eventual outcome is that the stock will be back where it started, with the added bonus of an incredible and unnecessary amount of CO2 output for what is demonstrably a pointless process.

I think I’m wasting by time here, as Amazon clearly aren’t going to read this and take action. This is just one small example of why monopolies should never exist.


UPDATE - Seller Support have replied to say:

I regret to inform you that currently such type of facility is not available to keep the units in warehouse.

However, I would suggest you to remove all the inventory left in Germany warehouse after this your account also will not be suspended in DE marketplace.

So, that would be that then.

We’re going to leave our inventory there until day 29, in the hope that our German tax certificate miraculously appears before then. If not, we’ll be paying to remove it all, so that we can send it all back in again when the certificate arrives.

Thanks Amazon. Big love, as ever.


We have been waiting over 6 months for our VAT application from Germany and have been told there is a backlog so you might be waiting a lot longer than 8 weeks I am afraid.


6 months ?!

Via the Amazon/Avalara service?


This is a legal requirement and if you have not heard, at the beginning of year; with no notice, a lot of sellers stock were ceased by authority for non-compliance of VAT.

I would start looking at how to remove stock so you can do so on day 28.


We used VATGlobal who are also an Amazon partner. The delays are coming from Germany though so I do not think it matters which agent you go with. I have been posting on the following thread where somebody else recently received their German VAT certificate after waiting 9 months !!!


When will we learn - Amazon dont give a monkeys about on line sellers. Just about any product you sell - they sell. Theres 2 sides to Amazon the Amazon direct sales and the market place sales, any sale through market place is regarded as a lost sale. We are all daft for dealing with them but bit by bit they have come to be a major part of a lot of peoples business plans and so they can move the goal posts demand you have to be fba or your product doesnt even search anymore. We only have ourselves to blame for lazy selling and allowing this to happen - loads of you will go under in the near future if this is your main route to market.


I’m not a fan of Amazon, I can just about bear to sell through them, but they are not a monopoly. There are alternatives and you have a choice.



Ive been trying to get my certificate sorted however have yet to get a response. How long does it take and which email do you send it to?



Well said, that was spot on! Amazon can not sell my products as it’s my own brand, not just that, I don’t white label but manufacture my products myself, I have noticed the decline in sales and the pushing for FBA which it would make it hard to do as I am currently working through my inventory activating the custom option, working on my website loads so I can dump this shower of ***. Was only just last year begging of December that I was put under a velocity review, I appealed on the grounds that my products were mainly seasonal (grave memorial ornaments) and its Christmas. I had been selling on Amazon since 2012 and turnover had been far more in the previous years without a velocity review, but their decision still stood, I downgraded my account for several months just on principal alone just to recoup the interest they earned on me.
At this rate, Amazon will just have china sellers left, it’s getting beyond a joke, it use to be that Amazon turnover would be double that of eBay, now eBay dose more than double than Amazon, and like I said my products are exclusive to me and very unique, they is a demand for them but undoubtedly Amazon is pushing FBA products first so they can cash in!!!