Account block - 30 days to remove inventory from Amazon.DE Germany


I suggest you write to Hope this helps


Hi, try to find in google a Prep Center in Germany. Is better save your inventory in any place and then when you get your legal documents just contact the company to send your items back. Good luck and sorry for what happened.


This is what happens when you apply too late. :man_student::man_student::man_student:


Hello @Cadet_Direct_Ltd and @Risana yes you can - we are in exactly the same position

  1. Download the daily inventory report as Kika said, there will be a column for country location with a number of fulfillable and unfulfillable in that warehouse.
    Be aware that even if,like us you have all your settings turned off for ‘allow Amazon to store items in other countries’ they still might/ probably have. You might see some in the country column as *XFR this means its in transit so you’ll have to check back on a new report for those.
  2. Download the flat file template for a bulk removal order
  3. The file needs to be done separately per country and per removal or disposal - worth looking up the fees to see if its worth it coming back. you can do that here
    If you make any errors on the file upload it will tell you and its quite simple.
    Best of luck!


In your Seller Central, go to;

“Reports” (tabs at top of seller central)
choose “Fulfilled by Amazon” from the drop menu
Left side - Inventory / click Show More to reveal;
Multi-Country Inventory
Download Csv, open in Excel
Custom Sort the Excel (column E for DE Germany - which should included inventory stored in CZ and PL warehouses)

Or just click Here for the Seller Central Link

(login maybe required if your not already logged in, or your Amazon session has timed out)



According to a business magazine article I read the other day, Amazon have 30% of all online retail sales. eBay are in second and now attribute 1%. Our actual Amazon vs. eBay sales are more like 150 to 1, which is way worse than this statistic would suggest.

Not sure on the definition of a monopoly, but I don’t think 30 times their nearest competitor can be considered “optional” in certain retail industries, which very much includes ours.


Thanks Kanso!

Any recommendations on a prep centre? I’ve been given details of one in Germany so far, but its fairly expensive and I’ve got nothing to compare it to.


On the other hand, we sell about 12 times as much on ebay alone as on Amazon.

It wasn’t always that way. Back in 2003, Amazon represented about 60% of our business. From day one, “what if Amazon [or any other platform] goes to the wall?” has central to our business plan. As Amazon changed, we adapted. When we went in new directions, Amazon often didn’t even feature in our plans.

Amazon is not a monopoly (by definition, a sole agent in a market). Even employees have the option to walk away and do things differently.


Simply search on Google for “germany fba prep centre” and you will find dozens of pages of results so you can compare the services to find the one most suitable for your needs.


Do you know how you make sure it is removing your DE stock only?


When you fill up the information in removal order file template you will have to type DE in the country code field.


Thank you for helping!

Do you know how much it cost per a unit to remove stock from DE to the UK?


Amazon charged me €0.25 fee per unit.


€0.25 per unit cross-border ?!

Did you have them removed from Germany to UK ? If so, I thought they were charging cross-border fulfilment fees …

… which would be €2.05 + €0.10 per 100g for items >100g to <2kg for Germany to Western Europe.

Is this not the case?


As you can see the atatched screenshot. I have paid 0.25 Euro fee per item for FBA removal and 0.10 per disposal.


Thank you so much. We have been looking at getting a third party warehouse involved and you have potentially saved us between £600 - £900.
We have removed a couple of items to check our rates but you might have just saved us - Thanks! x


I was told by someone at Amazon that it’s only 0.25 as long as Pan-EU is enabled. If you disable it the you pay cross border prices.


In the same situation.

Do I need to remove the inventory stored in CZ and PL warehouses as well? Personally think NO since they are stored outside Germany. But again these inventory are correlated with Germany. Thanks for answering.


If you are storing inventory in PL or CZ, then you are required to register there for the VAT as well.


Thank you for answering, Kika.
I have registered VAT with both PL and CZ. But the inventory stored in these two countries are classified as inventory in DE in FBA multiple country report (but not in FBA daily inventory). Do I still need to remove it? Thanks