Account blocked but no reason given!



I wonder if one of the more experienced sellers could help me with something.

So I been selling for a year now and my account was initially set up as individual. I recieved an email from amazon saying I need to change the account to sole prop. The accounts were then suspended across all marketplaces.

I changed to sole prop. And waited for verification. Two days later I got an email saying the account has been verified and I can continue selling.

All marketplaces went live except from UK (home marketplace) and spain!

I have tried calling and emailing, only to be told the performance team will look at it and come back to me if they need to. I have emailed the team direct and no response and it’s been 2 weeks now!

On my dashboard there is no sign my account is suspended, my ODR is 0%. But still my listings are not live on even though they state active on inventory page. And I cannot get disbursements! It is killing my business as I had a recent rush from the UK so a lot of the stock money is caught up in the UK acc.

Can anyone please help me or suggest anyone I can contact. PLEASE

Anything would be greatly appreciated


Hello @IQOS_TO_U,

Could you please provide us with the email you have received so that we can help you better?



Hi Preet.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s all sorted now. I put in an official complaint and a week later the accounts were opened. Thank you for trying to help though. Much appreciated.


i have had similar problems. can you tell me how to put in an official complaint as that seemed to work for you? Thanks



Call seller ‘no’ support. Once you speak to the advisor and they go through the same nonsense, tell the advisor you want a supervisor to call you. Once they do then tell them you wish to lodge a formal complaint.

Good luck.


I can not get to an advisor now, I put it as urgent, but they do not ring back. So on the inventory page I have been sending negative feed back. Not just one but as many as I have the time to do. Just keep repeating them. This does seem to have worked only by today.20/2/20. The pro!ducts are still on my inventory page, but the threat to close me down seems to have vanished. I now have just got to get the products off my inventory page, the normal ways do not work. It has taken me from 10/12/2019 to today to get this far. I will have to go the formal complaint way if they remain., because on 18/2/20 I got an email from Amazon telling me how to get permission to sell them !!! Good Luck.