Account de-activated


So after 6 years of trading on amazon with a 4.8 Star rating my account has been “De-activated” after initially being “Suspended” and awaiting my POA. So after the first two initial POA’s I receive an automated e mail that most seem to receive from here saying in effect “insufficient information”

"We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time. To reactivate your account, please send the following:

– Greater detail on the root cause(s) of A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks.

– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks.

– Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks going forward.

_ – Greater detail on evidence or examples that demonstrate that your account has complied with our policy._

So I send a 3rd POA which stret


Their accounts team is AWFUL. You send and send and upload/re upload your ID and they just continue to leave you suspended. They are a disgrace.


Please post your POA for some constructive advice.
Without seeing it we can’t tell where it fell short…


Hello @realhistorybooks1

To ensure that the plan of action is strong enough to get your account reactivated.

Kindly follow the below said format that is as follows:-

Root cause- Understand, what is the core reason for you getting such complaints from your buyers.
For example- if its a not received complaint, understand what is the real factor for it. Is it the courier service or can be a different reason.Once you get hold of the root cause then you would be able to get to the solution to prevent it.

Corrective measure- What corrective measures did you take to resolve the issue faced by the buyers, did you give any kind of compensation for the loss?

Preventive measures- So , as we took an example of not received complaint in the root cause. Hence how will you ensure to resolve the issue. If the root cause is regarding the courier service, What measures would you put to correct it or make the delivery better. The measures you will implement to avoid these in the future.

Kindly write the plan of action by putting these points into consideration and hopefully you would be able to draft a Plan of action as required.

Thanks and regards,


Issue 1 Negative feedback order 205-1835468-7482712



IMPROVEMENT POLICY: I have implemented a policy of issuing a full explanation to the customer the reasons for any refund rather than the issuing of a replacement book. This shall avoid any confusion and any claims in the future. I aim to gain back my 5 star rating rather than the current 4.8 star rating. The feedback of customers is important to me to gauge how to offer a service backed with continuous improvement. As can be seen from the screenshot of my account feedback this negative feedback of one star is an anomaly but one which I take seriously and the above implemented policy addresses this issue.

ISSUE 2: NON RECEIPT OF ORDER 205-8963789-9892318

ROOT CAUSE : Non -receipt of book. The order was received on the 5th December and was shipped on the 8th December, with the shipping window of 6-9 December. The parcel was shipped by My Hermes. And appears to have been lost in transit.

CORRECTION: I have implemented a plan now of requesting order receipt notification from the Courier company. This will highlight when shipments have not been received. I have requested an investigation from the courier to find out why/where the shipment has went astray. On receipt of this information I will be able to make any necessary adjustments to my shipping policies over and above those already implemented. See below a screen shot of the investigation into the missing book

ISSUE 3 A-Z Claim for NON RECEIPT OF ORDER 203-1647906-9502747

Root Cause: Non Receipt of Book.

Fault Analysis: This book was shipped by Royal Mail ordinary mail due to its low value, £24.99. This does not offer any tracking facility.A new policy of shipping all orders via Recorded Delivery , if shipped by Royal Mail, has been implemented This will identify when there is an issue with delivery. For higher value books these will be shipped by Courier with an online tracking policy.

Customers need to be kept more regularly informed of progress of any investigations for non-receipt and a policy of an immediate refund for all claims of non-receipt has been implemented rather than have customers wait for outcome of investigations into the loss. This will prevent future A-Z claims.

An account with an Amazon recommended Courier company has been established and advance payment made to ensure going forward tracking is available and that they offer a delivery confirmation service will enable me to monitor progress of orders.

See the screen shot below of account details showing that this account has opened and is being used.


So I think all the points are addressed in the above, unless I am being particularly dumb. The point on “compensation” for the loss is a new one on me. Are we now expected to offer compensation ? Do Amazon do this themselves ? An apology and a full and prompt refund should suffice. Imagine if it becomes known amongst that group of “blaggers” posing as customers that as well as a full refund, and keeping the article, they get compensation as well! I can see the avalanche of fraudulent claims that would come forth. It is also a bit unfair that customers can raise an A-Z complaint before the seller has been given an opportunity to put it right first with either a full refund or replacement.


Your POA fails because it does NOT address your account in general.
You have specifically tailored your appeal to respond to two individual complaints where you should be dealing with your whole account.

Non receipt is NOT a root cause, it is a result of the real root cause.
Disregard for a moment whether this particular order was delivered or not, but instead deal with the “why”.
What caused problems for ANY deliveries?
Is it that you used an unreliable courier, or are Hermes normally good in your experience?
Could an issue with the shipping address lead to non delivery?
Or might the shipping label have come loose?

Try and determine the cause behind any non delivery claims across your whole account and then in the next part of your appeal you show how you have addressed the cause[s] that you identified as your root cause in order to deal with this now, and prevent any future incidents.
That might mean adopting full tracking, using a different courier, verifying addresses [if addresses were identified as an issue ever] using better labels if your address label may have parted company with the parcel…

Don’t deal with each order separately, deal in generalities but offer specific actions to resolve them.


Many thanks for your insight but I would say that I have, I respond to the actual problem and I point out what corrective action I have taken going forward.

As to My Hermes yes thy are normally reliable and are an Amazon approved courier. So Hermes lost one package out of several hundred, so they are reliable. I have provided Amazon with a screenshot of the loss report I have filed, not inluded on here due to size, I have said i will be using a confirmation of delivery option now , at no cost to customers going forward.

It would be soooooo much easier if Amazon Seller Support could respond saying your submission fails because of “x”, “y” or “z” with specific point rather than the generic “lacks sufficient information”. Is it even a real person who reads these Action Plans or some computer algorithm bot ?


My account was deactivated over 5 years ago…no idea why, it wasn’t suspended first…I can only guess it was because I had 2-3 late dispatches when called away to support terminally ill relative. Every now and again, I contact them to get it reopened only to end in a terminal round of emails…can’t find the account, not enough information…none of them ever answering the questions. Talking to seller support leads to contact seller performance , but I’m complaining about seller - performance not responding…tedious, am closing the whole cabang including prime buyer account.


I do think Amazon are going to face a backlash over these type of things.

I have seen on a number of of the seller forum threads that people are throwing in the towel and moving to other platforms as Amazon is making doing business with them too difficult.

I guess now with its size it has become a huge bureaucracy with no-one with real power just shifting pieces of paper, or more likely e mails, around all day.

Before my de-activation I did receive a couple of e mails from them saying my prices, which were the cheapest on Amazon by around 10%, “were un-competitive with offerings elsewhere” and recommending I reduce my prices further !!. Perhaps those other platforms charged less and were less bureaucratic and cumbersome than Amazon.
Just because Amazon was the best place to sell your books does not mean it remains so, but do Amazon care ? I doubt it.


Dead right…seller - performance is a metrics based system which seems incapable of responding to qualitative information, and demands more of its sellers than it delivers to its buyers…frustrating because I’ve lost a lot selling back to Ziffit & the like, but have been appallingly treated here.