Account deactivated due to violation


Hi there

I’m hoping someone can help, I recieved a phone call today to say that our account will be deactived as we have been asking for payment outside of Amazon on seller messaged, we got a notification of this on the 15th and then on the 28th of July. The notification was as below:

**Hello, **

We understand that you may have used advertisements, special offers, or other prompts that encourage users to leave our site. Sellers on are not allowed to direct buyers to another website or sales process.

If you continue to encourage users to leave the Amazon website, we may not allow you to sell on

Learn more about this policy in Seller Central Help:

Have questions? We can help right away. Contact us at:

You can view your account performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health dashboard shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.
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Seller Performance Team

When I got this on the 15th I I went through our messages but found no violation, we have been selling on amazon for a while and pride ourselves on not doing anything to violate thir polocies so was quite supriced to find this notice of vioaltion. I called Amazon but they would not link me to the email they thought broke the rules and said this was a seller perfomance team for which there was no contact.

When I got a call today to inform us the account will be de-activated, I went through a months worth of sent emails whilst the adviser was on the phone and found no violation, he then admitted he also checked around the dates of the violation and could not find the cause and again was told there is no way for him to check with the perfomance team what is causing this issue. He asked me to appeal.

The process is

  1. identifitying the root cuase
  2. removal of violation
  3. plan to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

My only issue is at present I would just be guessing the root cause :confused: has anyone come across this before?

The following is what I think may have triggered it if amazon use AI to search for keywords

  1. We have a generic email for when we issue a refund to to say your refund would be with you in a certain amount of days, your refund will come onto the original method, if via paypal it may take upto X days and if by bank transfer it will be X days.
    We had has this same template for years and it has never cuased an issue, I am thinking the words paypal or bank transfer may be getting picked up.

I have already removed this line from our refund template.

  1. We issue free collectplus service for returns we link to their website this enables the customer to generate their own returns label. This makes it easy to return items free of charge to us. I’m not sure how we would remove this link becuase it makes the process longer to returns (adding few more steps to return it and more communication)

I can not see any other reason why unless just having our contact details on the replies is a violation, we add this just incase the customer has an urgent issue with their order and can not reach us.

Any insight on this would be appreciated, we rely heavily on amazon as a source of income.


There was a similar thread recently which may give you some inspiration.


Assuming that the above is an email address, that is most likely your problem.
Anything that points away from amazon could be the issue.
Also, if you have been adding a flyer etc to your parcels, a customer could have reported it.
Check your listings, if they are yours rather than generic, then is there anything in the listings that could be construed as pointing away? Though to be honest, your more likely to just have a listing taken down for that.


Hi Neil

Thank you for your reply

We have no email address links just a phone number, this is only give after a sale has been made and a customer has contacted us via email with an issue and they need help. Due to covid we noticed a huge increase in emails, we therefore needed a way for customers to reach us faster if they needed to change a size or cancel the order as we had instances where a customer wanted to cancel but the item was already posted.

We do not send any promotional items at present too.

I saw that providing links to a sales channel would be a violation but could the link to the collectplus site to generate a return label constitute a violation?



Phone numbers should be ok, but personally, I wouldn’t send any information via email to the customer, unless asked directly and within the rules obviously.
I wouldn’t expect that there would be a problem with CollectPlus, but again, I wouldn’t email that unless asked directly. Far better just to provide the label via the return.

But they have obviously picked up on something, it might only have happened once, but there has got to be something there…
You don’t use anything like Feedback express etc? Or even automated response emails?