Account deactivated - Incorrectly selected marketplace region when creating amazon account


Hello. I don’t know what to do after several messages to Amazon Support. It’s my first time on here and the problems I’m running into are getting bigger and more frustrating.

First, I wanted to sell on amazon EU and by accident I created an account on amazon North America (from link, I thought I would be able to select the region later, ok, my mistake).

After contacting amazon support they told me to request to delete my account on North America and make a new one at “amazon seller marketplace europe” which i did.
I gave them the same data as i did at making North America seller account. I’ve logged in and im seeing that my account is suspended and then deactived, ok.

First of all, I’m a sole propreitor in my country and my business was registered under my parents address (where i’ve lived). I can’t give Amazon bills with my name and my address on it, because my parents take all of the bills on their names, so the bills i can get for them is under my parents name and under my business address (my parents address).

My home address is different as my business and residential address and i only have internet bill under my name and my home address. I’ve tried to reach help from amazon support but nothing worked. They just answered me in 2 or 3 emails that i cannot send support to them because my account is suspended and only account-health topics was available.

I don’t really know what to do know and what documents will be correct for them. How to reach a help from amazon support? Maybe someone can help me from here?

Thanks! Greetings!


Can you post the emails of what you’ve been asked for?


Hello. Thanks for answering.

I suppose, my account is deactivated because of missing some documents. Ok, but why dont i get help from amazon support in this topic? I can get these documents from my parents but wont be that correct?

I can try anyway, but i would really like to get somoene from amazon support to guide me through this stage.



Do you have a mobile phone contract in your name with your address on it? I’m a bit lost when you are saying residential & business addresses. As a sole trader living with your parents I assume everything needs to be reconciled against your home address for now - where hopefully your mobile bill goes.

You need to verify yourself where you actually live, and a mobile phone bill should be sufficient. Your residential address is your home address. Amazon need to perform validation and background checks on you before you will be allowed to open a selling account with them. You cannot mislead or change where you are living as you won’t pass the checks.


Thanks Peter for reaching out.

I dont live with my parents currently. I mean by home address - the address where do i live right now. It’s different from my business address, which is also my residential address and i’ve put it when i was creating account. I have only access to internet bill to home address (My name and my home address on it). I don’t have any business address bills to my name, because its all on my parents data.

So in conclusion.

I’ve sent amazon my internet bill, but its a home address, which doesnt equal business address, that’s why they probably rejected my application.

But there are two sections. 1. Home address, 2. Residential address - in the form.

So i need to change my residential address to my home address - which both will be same addresses ? And then i need to send them internet bill?

Ok. But one more question.

When i was making account, there was video call verification and then the amazon send me the 6-digit code through courier. It was on my business address to confirm authenticity of that address. Won’t that be a problem?


I don’t have mobile phone contract

My Dad is making all the payments (internet,mobile,tv) and we square this bill to eachother.


Before you go any further, if you are planning to buy (or make) items to sell on for profit, have you registered with HMRC as self-employed (sole-trader), and received your UTR ?.
If not, that is the very first thing you need to do, to be able to open a BUSINESS seller account on Amazon.


I’m based in Poland and i have registered everything correctly (as a sole trader).


Your residential and your home address should be the same address and it’s that one that Amazon want a utility bill for which will need to be in your name so if you don’t have one in your name I think you won’t be able to proceed.


Though there was a post, from a mod I think, that said you could use a bill that has say a parent’s name, as long as you send proof that that is your residential address.
Am sure Kris will find it and post !


There was but it didn’t work for getting them verified as far as I can remember


The registered name, address need to match with the ID documents required.
If its under your parent’s name then you need to have documents under their name.
The ID verification is required to protect customers. Otherwise who would Amazon approach in case of issues with the account. This also reduces fake stuff being sold.


Ok. Thanks for help Sequin.


The case from my side goes like this.

I registered a sole proprietorship at my parents’ address.

All bills go to the above address and to my parents’ data. I’m talking about data such as gas, water, electricity, phone, internet. My data is nowhere to be found, because why should it be.

As for the confirmation of my address and my data, I can give the data, for example, from an import from alibaba, but I do not know if it will go through?
Are there any more invoices that I can provide to show the credibility of my data and registered business?

When I created my account on amazon, I registered as a sole proprietorship, so I probably have no way to change that to my parents’ data.

The only problem here is my Dad’s Name, because that’s the only thing that doesn’t match on the bill. The surname and address are correct.


But i had video call and everything was correct. I had sent my documents and they verified me on North America market. I neither had suspended or deactivated account on North America. After i made account in UK the problem has just begun.


This is something that needs to be dealt with on the Account Health forum.
Maybe a mod will move it over there ?


Amazon account is registered to your name not your parents name. This is same as opening a bank account needs to be under your name with proof of address and income. You cant open a bank account under your name but use your parents documents to verify addresses, can you?


Of course it does. Then I would like to get an answer from amazon support whether I should delete this account and create an account from scratch with my parents’ data. In that case, the data that was provided when creating the account (my parents) will match the data of the document (for example, for the Internet).

It’s really hard to contact amazon’s help on such an issue ( That I think it’s important, at least for me :D)


That will not be a solution as you cannot open more than one account - they will link YOUR name and both will be deactivated.
Also, although I hate to say this, do not always rely on the replies from seller Support (SS) - there have been many instances where they have suggested opening another account, and the new seller has ended up with an even bigger hassle.