Account deactivated/Suspended violation of Sec 3


Hi All,

Appreciate i’m in a very similar and seemingly common position of having my account deactivated, nearly 2 months ago. Maybe this is just a rant in the hope that someone can either help or advise what worked for them.

No matter what i submit now I never receive a response, the last submission by email did not even give me a ‘holding email’ but i submitted via the seller account appeal route as well to ensure they got it and to improve my chances of reaching someone who actually cares!

In short my story is quite simple, I initially wanted to open a seller account and keep it separate to by long term buyers one however the verification just wouldn’t approve and having contacted seller support by phone i was advised they didn’t know what the problem was and try opening another account.

Big mistake and contravening section 3 of their T&C’s, only one account allowed. However obviously I didn’t know this so opened a seller account attached to my buyers one and all was superb. Sales were improving after one month i’d just sent 3 more boxes of inventory then January 10th bang - i’ve been suspended for violating section 3 as I have 2 accounts. Bear in mind the first account was never active as the verification never worked, i’d asked for it to be closed and they said 'thanks for the request to close your account as it is deactivated it will remain deactivated, oh ok, guess that must be ok then right?!?

So I send an appeal based on the above, after they inform me I need to submit ‘plan of action’. This has now been submitted 4 times. I’ve obviously researched what to contain within the appeal but so far nothing. By nothing i really mean NOTHING - since the 3rd appeal i have heard nothing AT ALL.

Having lost my main job at the end of January this could not of come at a worse time and seemingly Amazon don’t care and have no way of helping. It seems to be pot luck, however my luck is clearly not functioning!

Anyway thanks for any help or guidance - I wish you all the best in this difficult world of being an FBA seller.



I’m in the same situation. gives me answers when I open a case. But my UK account got deactivated. No answers to cases, appeal etc. Maybe they don’t reply to deactivated accounts.