Account Deactivated


Morning, hope everyone’s well and managing to avoid this Coronavirus!

Anyway, my account has been temporarily suspended due to listing Honor and Huawei products without approval.

To give you some background I own a mobile phone shop and I listed some of the phones I had in my shop onto Amazon.

When I listed the devices onto Amazon, the website did not make me aware of the fact they belonged to a restricted brand as it normally would, therefore I was not aware that I was breaking any of Amazons rules. The websites failure to make me aware that the products I was listing belonged to a restricted brand resulted in my account deactivation.

Unfortunately, because I purchase my products from a local wholesaler (including the items in question) I do not have the means to provide any of the information amazon require in the way of brand authorisation letters and invoices from the manufacturer.

I’ve tried appealing the suspension already but because I did not have any of the documents required it was unsuccessful.

Came on the forum to see if anyone had experienced anything similar and whether or not they were able to get their account reactivated?

Any advice would also be appreciated! TIA


distributor/wholesale invoices are fine - use the reseller option when submitting


Thank you for your response! It is really appreciated. How would you suggest I go about gaining a letter of authorisation from the brand? Could I just send them a letter of authorisation from my wholesaler?


Hello @MTBretail,

From your post I understand that your account has been taken down for listing branded items for which you did not have approval.

Like you mentioned that you have listed under the available listing, it may or may not trigger a warning that you are not allowed to map as every seller will have the option to map under the products that are already existing on the website to avoid duplicate listings.

If your local wholesaler is authorized from the brand to resell their products, they will be issued an authorization letter as well which should work in the appeal process. Provided the documents submitted must be legit.

If in case your documents are not accepted for any reason, you will be notified accordingly. In such cases a plan of action can help in account reinstatement.

I’d suggest that you work on a plan of action by considering the following points:

  1. The preventative measures you can take to ensure that you do not sell products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured.
  2. How will you verify the accuracy of your products and will not list unbranded items on branded products?
  3. How will you develop processes to ensure that all your branded products are legitimate and authentic?

I’d also suggest you to go through our Product Authenticity and Quality policy here:

Please keep a tab on your performance notifications as they will notify about the review details or if more information is needed.