Account has been deactivated and funds frozen!


If you post your POA on here, redacting any personal info, the forum can perhaps suggest changes that might help.



What POA should I post when, I did not even sold any of the products they are talking about. I sent emails to payments and have not even got on reply.

I have the legal right to sell these products and if Amazon thinks that is something wrong, that’s fair enough. But why block my payments and not respond to emails??? when this is the only method of contact.

They ask me to provide POA on items that have not sold.

I only encounter this type of behavior when I got scammed one time online by a crook!!

Totally frustrated and annoyed by their lack of response and poor customer service.



As Amazon are saying they suspect that your items are inauthentic that is what your POA should be about. The fact you haven’t sold any has nothing to do with it.

Look at it from Amazon’s POV, they don’t want inauthentic items being sold on their site, and by giving you the opportunity to provide a POA they’re giving you the chance to prove this is incorrect while at the same time protect their buyers. If you look at it this way, rather than as a personal attack it might help (I am sympathetic but know that this is the only way for you to move forward).

If you post your last rejected POA on here the forum can hopefully help.


I have provided the POA, three times! For an item that was in the inventory but have not sold.
I provided all original invoices not fakes, of everything I have sold. How should I feel if my funds are frozen for over 2 weeks now and the lack of their response.
These are original legit invoices from the biggest supplier of the goods I sold in the UK!

Fruit of the Loom agreed to issue my company the letter of authorization to sell their goods, but it will be issued after the new year.

I can’t wait to provide this and be paid what I am owed by Amazon and close the account all together.
Bottom line is, Amazon treats business sellers like sh@t!!! and their seller support is completely useless, repeating like robots over and over!!

Now that’s how I feel and many business sellers on Amazon, all you have to do is look at this forum.


This is the seller forum, not Amazon, and you’ve not posted your POA on here. It’s therfore really difficult to helps as without it we can’t see where you are going wrong with it.

I’m not disputing anything you are saying, I’m just trying to help but at the moment have nothing to work with.


Until you have that authorization from Fruit of the Loom then you are simply wasting your time.
That is an essential piece of documentation that you need in order to progress your situation.
Work on improving your POA [post it here for advice] and then only when you have the letter from FOTL resubmit it to Amazon, not before.


I have received the authorization letter from FOTL and submitted to Amazon but still same response and funds frozen!

How sick is this??? Are they running a ponzi scheme to lure businesses and steal their money??
At this point I will open a case in small claims court against Amazon for illegally holding my company’s money.

I am just sick and tired about this BS!!!


Can you post your POA and the latest notification from Amazon so that the forum can offer some advice?


Sorry, but for what I would need a POA when I have submitted invoices and letter of authorization? I have submitted already the POA and I am seeking my funds in small claims court and also seeking damages against Amazon


You have only very recently received the authorization letter from FOTL so your previous appeals were pointless as they lacked the necessary documentation to prove authenticity of your goods plus authorization to sell those goods.
Now that you have the letter you could have posted your POA here along with the rejection from Amazon so that you received some advice.
Court action seems hasty considering the very recent acquisition of that letter from FOTL .


Dear vs-merchandise,

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time.

Dear Seller Performance Team, please find below all the information requested and explained in the respective order.

Please send an updated plan of action that explains:

– Greater detail on the issue(s) that you believe caused the complaints about the authenticity of your items.

First, let me begin by saying that to this point I am extremely confused as to why my account has been blocked and my company been accused of selling products that may not be authentic. Below is the list of the “supposed” items in question by Amazon:


Brand: Fruit of the Loom

Title: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Athletic Lightweight Vest , Black/White/Heather, Small


Brand: Fruit of the Loom

Title: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Athletic Lightweight Vest , Black/White/Heather, X-Large


Brand: Fruit of the Loom

Title: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Athletic Lightweight Vest , Black/White/Heather, XX-Large

However, none of these items have ever been sold under my account nor posted by me.

My company buys inventory from PENCARRIE LIMITED. (Located in the United Kingdom – Registration # 03371637) This company, is the Company approved by FRUIT OF THE LOOM to distribute their products in the United Kingdom to clothing retailers (such as my company, also registered in the United Kingdom).

– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve the issue(s) that caused the complaints about the authenticity of your items.

In regards to the complains, I am also confused, as my company has 49 positive feedbacks and 1 negative feedback that makes clear comment as to the colour of the item been the wrong colour.

Please, I kindly ask you to look into my account to verify this information.

However, in this one negative customer experience, my company immediately offer the customer an immediate replacement of the item to comply with the best customer satisfaction that Amazon offers to their customers.

For the record, this 1 (ONE) bad review had nothing to do with my products authenticity.

– Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent future complaints about the authenticity of your items.

Again, as I mentioned before, the only bad review I have is in regards to the item been the wrong colour, nothing to do with the authenticity of the product.

Here are a few things to consider as you create your plan:

As I mentioned before, all my products are purchased directly from PENCARRIE LIMITED.

I already submitted all the invoices that contained the list of the products I already sold and the inventory that I still haven’t sell yet.

–Sourcing: Are you sourcing the product from a trusted supplier?

My supplier is PENCARRIE LIMITED., appointed company by FRUIT OF THE LOOM to distributed to clothing retailers in the United Kingdom.

–Listing: Is the product accurately described on Amazon? Have you ensured that there is no ambiguity and the customer is well informed?

As my products are authentic, the description matches the description provided by Amazon (as sell similar).

–Packaging: Is the product in its original packaging as listed on Amazon?

The clothing sold is sold with the original markings placed by the Manufacturer, and are sold individually or in packs.

– Shipping: Have you taken all appropriate steps and quality checks to ensure that the product is stored, packed, and shipped appropriately?

The items are stored in a free animal zone, well ventilated and properly stored. The shipping my company provides is Royal Mail, The United Kingdom main Mailing Services, and all my items are packed in plastic shipping bags (to protect the item from any environmental damage).

–Review your communications from buyers to better understand the issues.

I have review my customers reviews to keep track of my quality control, customer service, and product record.

Since I only have 1 (ONE) bad review, it has been quite easy for me to maintain a high standard customer service.

You can only send .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .gif files. These documents must be authentic and unaltered.

Please, I have a clean account with excellent customer reviews, I would kindly as you to please review my case and confirm all the information I have provide, verify that I do not sell the items in question (I have never sold nor posted those items in my account), and reactivate my account, as I am been affected by it as well as Amazon is losing sells as well.

Many thanks in advance for your time.

How do I send the required information?

Please send the required information by replying to this email.

What happens if I do not send the requested information?

If we do not receive the requested information your account will be permanently deactivated.

We’re here to help

You can get help creating your plan in Seller Central Help (

You can view your account’s performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS ( or Android ( device. The Account Health dashboard shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.


Seller Performance Team


And this is the same response over and over from Amazon after I have supplied everything they wanted.
How should I not be frustrated in such manner that I would take them to court?.


Due to the status of your account, funds will not be transferred to you until all open orders have shipped and any amounts paid for A-to-z claims on your orders have been deducted. This usually takes about 90 days from the date your account was impacted, which was 12/12/2019, but funds may be held longer.

Depending on your account status and activities, you may be required to complete an additional review before funds can be released. Amazon may withhold payments if we determine that your account was used to sell inauthentic or prohibited goods, commit fraud or engage in other illegal or abusive activity.

Learn more about this policy in Seller Central Help:

Seller Performance Team


That was your POA?
Too long, too much emotion and too much waffle.

Greater detail does not mean “More words” it means “Greater” as in “Better”…

Total waffle that is not relevant.

Where is ANY comment on the root cause/
You have simply said “These are the ASIN’s, but we didn’t list these or stock them,we buy from…”

You need to actually find the root cause behind the suspicion of inauthenticity, and then deal with that root cause in your POA.
You have NOT done that.
If you listed FOTL products from a company called Pencarrie without having a letter of authorization from FOTL [which you didn’t have at the time] and your invoices did not come from FOTL, which they didn’t, then Amazon may have thought you were selling inauthentic goods as nothing linked your goods to the brand you listed against.

Your root cause may be inexperience of Amazon listing requirements, lack of knowledge, human error, or something along those lines, but you need to show that you understand why Amazon may have suspected inauthenticity and that you understand why your listing, or sourcing methods were insufficient.

Once you have done that you can move onto the rest of the plan.

Irrelevant as it does not address the root cause [mainly because you haven’t even got one at this point]
This section should be to show actions that you HAVE taken to resolve the issues found as your root cause.
One of those actions was obtaining the letter of authorization from FOTL.
Another should be showing that Pencarrie are authorized suppliers of FOTL.
You should also read listing policy and then name and link the relevant pages, to show that you understand listing guidelines correctly.

Please scrap your entire plan above and start again
Others may be able to offer help as well, but at the moment your POA is [sorry] woeful.


Thanks for your help, but I cannot submit any other plan of action as they won’t allow me.

Next plan of action Small Claims Court!


Money claim submitted today!!!


Hi All,
i really need some help. my account has been suspended since 1st NOV 2019. i have submitted several POAs. I dont know if many of you are familiar with the Account Health team, but i have spoken to them and i keep getting different advice from them. back on the 17th Dec i was told by them my POA is valid, but the seller performance team wants me to amend the 2 asins that were taken down for IP claims. but my POA clearly Stated the ASINS had already been deleted. so i really cant understand why they are asking me to amend something that A) doesnt exist in my inventory anymore and B) the product doesnt exist on amazon either? how can i get over this hurdle??

i have spoken to the health team several times since the 17th Dec. i was told by the Health team to wait for seller performance to provide feedback on why they have requested something that seller cant actually do. So i called them again on the 8th Jan, and now they wont give me an update and keep saying you need write a new action plan and explain that that the ASINS cant be deleted as they dont exist. its crazy the agents even agree with me saying its doesnt make sense what they are asking you to do. we were in the process of opening a brick and motor store but amazon holding our funds of 10K puts us in very bad situation.

i also have to mention 1 out of the 2 Asins were false claims as the trademarked word wasnt even being used in the product detail page anywhere, not in the image, nor the title or bullet points or description. when i contacted the rights owner i asked them to confirm where the trademarked ‘text’ was being used. 1 of the asins; yes it was an error it was in the description of the product on the side of product. but the 2nd asin the rights owner also said “oh you used the word in your image” i have file of all the product images and 100000000% the trademarked word Text is not in the product image, nor is it on the detail page. once i provided them the evidence that it wasnt being used, they stopped replying to my emails as they know they are making shady false claims, yes i have tried explaining the error to amazon but nothing other than automated emails.

hope anyone can help if someone from Amazon is on this thread can shed some light on this @Preet_Amazon ???

Sorry for the essay but very frustrated at the moment my livelihood has been stopped.



Couple of things:

  1. To get the best help please post your last response from seller performance and your last POA - take out any personal info

  2. As one of your immediate actions you need to make clear that you deleted he affected asins from your inventory

  3. When addressing your root causes look at your account as a whole rather than specific asins.

  4. Although you say on one asin there was no mention of the trademarked text in the image, title, bullet point or description are you sure it wasn’t in the keywords? This is sometimes overlooked by sellers.


Hi vs-merchandise,
please check ive sent you a message


Money Claim is the only solution!


Hi, we managed to get the Account reinstated. after 2.5 months. and over 15 POA’s sent. i am grateful that the last agent from account health team did stay on top of our case. never pressed the “request transfer now” so fast.