Account has been deactivated and funds frozen!


Which number did you call?

When we called we get the same answer again and again, they like parrots!!!

They keep saying to send the requested information, which we sent a million times over.


Then what you are sending is not acceptable, for some reason.
Format? Details? Is the whole document visible?
Something about the info you are sending is incorrect, in Amazon’s eyes.


In Amazon eyes, if they say it’s black even if it’s clearly white, then it’s black! Money Claim was submitted to them on 13/01/2020. They have 20 days to respond. If they don’t respond it will go to Judgment!

It all depends on the thiefs at Amazon how far they want to take this. I am prepared to go in front of a judge to uncover these scumbags!!!


any result from court?



After we proceed with the CCJ the funds went straight away into our account. Amazon never answered the CCJ. By the way the account is still closed.

Very poor communication from Amazon customer service.