Account has been deactivated



Can any one help my account has been deactivated after failed verification process after 10 years plus as a seller on Amazon with excellent feedback across the board on all metrics.
I have tried to appeal but to no avail. They seems to have change the payments account verification process and their requirements are vary vague. Please take note.


Your payments account has failed our verification process. As a result, you can no longer sell on any Amazon’s UK or European Marketplaces. This decision is final and not subject to appeal.

You can access your Seller Central account for the next 40 days. After this time, you will not have access to Seller Central, including your financial reports.

If you have funds in your account, they will be available after any amounts for A-to-z claims or chargebacks on your orders have been deducted. This usually takes about 90 days, but funds may be held longer. Please contact if you have questions about funds.

If you have any items stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, you need to contact Amazon Services Europe Sarl to create a removal order within the next 30 days ( You can choose to dispose of this inventory of have it returned to you. If you do not create a removal order within the next 30 days, we will dispose of your inventory and you will be debited for standard removal fees.

For more information on creating a removal order or any related standard removal fees, you can contact Amazon Services Europe Sarl at any time.

The Amazon Payments Team

Amazon Payments UK Limited, a private company limited by shares, is a company registered in England and Wales (registration number 11049457; VAT number: GB295 7604 60) with its registered office at 1 Principal Place, Worship St, London, EC2A 2FA, United Kingdom. Amazon Payments UK Limited is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (reference number 799814) for the provision of payment services.


Ok, silly question, but is your bank account on the list of approved accounts?

What exactly have they told you when refusing to verify?


Hi Neil,
The same business bank account that I had for the last 15 years and has pasted Amazon payments verification before no problem.

Amazon has said nothing just sent me the email above and deactivated my account, so I appealed and they just sent me the same mail again. There is no way to talk to anyone also.

The first email was:


We recently contacted you about our review of your account.

To help us complete our review, please upload the information requested within 6 days to our secure document upload page:

Please ensure the documents provided are dated within the last 90 days.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time ( Please reference XXXXXXX


The Amazon Payments Team
Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A. (société en commandite par actions), partnership limited by shares, is a company registered in Luxembourg, Registration Number (RCS Luxembourg) B 153 265, with its corporate office at 5 Rue Plaetis, L-2338 Luxembourg. VAT Number LU 24448288. Amazon Payments Europe SCA is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier as an Electronic Money Issuer (licence number 36/10). and Amazon Payments are trading names of Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A.

The link only asked for a Utility bill and and Business licence.

As the process stated a Business License in the UK are only for alcohol
sales, construction, selling (or hiring out) animals, events and health and
beauty. Which, I do not sell any of those listed items.

I provided my Unique Taxpayer Reference Number, as I am not VAT registered. Which, I
have provided in the past and has been fine for the payment verification


And did you do this?


Hi BonChoixUK,
Yes, I upload the documents well with in the specified time period.

I’m just trying to be completely transparent so, it may help some other sellers who may get the same “review of your account” messages. Just, be careful as Amazon are being extremely vague on what they require to get past this.


So which company are you using? Just because you have been using it for a while, doesn’t necessarily mean you can continue to do so.

These are the acceptable PSP’s.


None of the companies in your link

" If you do not use a PSP, but instead are using a bank account directly issued to you by a deposit-taking bank, no action is required."



Ok, so I presume that you have checked the obvious, such as bank details matching your account exactly? Even so much as a full stop out of place, can cause an issue.
It’s a UK bank and not based elsewhere?


Yes, everything matches on my seller account with my UK bank account details and Unique Taxpayer Reference details. All the information passed as Amazon needed this to complete the Amazon Payments account verification back in November 2020


I missed this.
Business Licenses are required for quite a few different things, so there is something that you are/have been selling that makes them think that you require one. You need to review exactly what it is that you have been selling and double check everything.
Obviously if you haven’t uploaded a license and they asked for one, they are not going to authorise it.
So first step is finding out why.
Start here:

Maybe something in a description kicked this off. The bot’s can pick up things that you wouldn’t expect them to.


It might be their use of the term “business licence” is a bit of a red herring, but there are some categories where sellers are required to notify Amazon in advance before selling them as there is extra verification:

  • Alcohol
  • Adult-oriented, erotic and sexual health products
  • Dietary supplements and nutritional products
  • Knives
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Prescription and non-prescription eye wear

That list doesn’t seem to tally with your listings. I’ve looked through the list of documents that Amazon would require for verification and can’t see a reference to a business licence or a permit. I have to admit that i do wonder whether their request is poorly worded (assuming you haven’t widened your portfolio).


Hi Demel,

I only sell computer hardware basically security cables and I’m at a total lost.


Hi Neil,

I sell computer hardware basically computer security cables and thanks for the link I have reviewed this and this applies to Computer and computer peripherals manufacturing. So, I’m at a total loss. Just want to help other Sellers avoid this before it too late.


Have you ever created your own listing putting your own brand and name as manufacturer rather than ‘Dell’ etc ?


I have not created my own listing with own brand and name as manufacture, to my knowledge. Thank you is good to get other sellers input.


Sir, I have got the same issue, please let me know have you solved?


It would be best to start your own thread, rather than jumping onto this one.


I just had this issue - it seems to resolve itself when i stopped using my VISA business card as the charge method, and changed to an AMEX personal card. … as seen in the press amazon is not accepting VISA from 1/1/22…looks like they jumped the gun! my bank could not help either apart to say they often block amazon because of all the fraud…


It is called KYC(know your customer) verification.
It means some of the document you submit can not match the details in your seller account.
or the document you submited was not accepted by amazon.
Only provided Unique Taxpayer reference number is not enough in same case.
For example, you have the Unique Taxpayer number, but does not mean the company or sole trader is still live. You may closed your company or sole trader by some reason.
Or amazon just find the deposit account you used does not match the business details in your seller account.
Amazon may ask for more proof.
So the only way you need to submit the document which amazon want.


Good to know I will try to look in to this about the Visa side