Account has been deactivated


Hi AL-Kousar, I have not enable to resolve this. You cannot talk to anyone and my appeal was just shut down. No reason has been given it is extremely difficult I have no idea how to resolve this. Just want to make other sellers aware of this.


You have certain rights under GDPR, Safeguards against automated decision-making, GDPR Article 22(3)

Automated decision-making (ADM) is a type of processing that is regulated under the GDPR to protect people against unfair decisions taken by automated means, such as algorithms (bots). The rights provided under Article 22(3) GDPR include the right for the data subject to express his/her point of view, the right to contest the automated decision, and the right to obtain a meaningful human intervention. In this case, Amazon has not properly informed the seller about the existence of such ADM, they also denied them the possibility to effectively contest the decision, leading to substantial financial loss for the seller.

Simply state your GDPR request and they will have 30 days where they must provide the information to you, by law. This will require human intervention. When you access the details of what is required you can then take appropriate action to restore your account. The problem that recurs so often in these seller forums is that many people have no idea what to do, or what to provide, as a bot simply sends generic emails, and talking to a human is almost impossible, but not completely. The point is, many people simply give up, but if you think about if Mr Bezos was to be an Amazon seller, sooner or later he would have issues with his seller account, as everybody does, even those who stick to completely to the rules and bend over backward for customers. The difference with Mr Bezos is that he has access to legal advice. So if you’ve stuck to the policies and do everything by the book, including keeping your mutual customers happy, then simply don’t give up, know your rights and use them.

You can read more about this and how others have dealt with it by searching for “GDPR complaint: Airbnb hosts at the mercy of algorithms”


Hi Alme, all the documents I provided passed Amazon Payments account verification back in November 2020, just i have provided documents dated within the last 90 days.


Hi Urban_Artwork, thank you for this I will add certain rights under GDPR to my second appeal, my first appeal just got shutdown. So, I will add this with my current appeal I have got no help from Amazon at all.


Please let me know did you change the deposit method during suspension?
Someone told me not to change anything during the interval when your account is deactivated.
Please guide me.


Yes, I just changed it from Visa to Mastercard


If you become successful in resolving, please let me know too. i am struck in the same issue since December 23rd, 2021.


Yes, will do. Could you do the same if you are able to resolve first.


So you made a change to your payments account which triggered the reverification ?


I think your problem is related to PSP OR VAT, why you didn’t apply for VAT ??


the only change made before the reverification was triggered is Selling application for a product that’s gated and that is only in Draft status


we are not VAT registered and verification back in November 2020 was not a problem then.


Sure, brother. If I become successful, I will update you.


So when did you change your card ?


this morning when ARTHEMES added to the thread "it seems to resolve itself when i stopped using my VISA business card as the charge method, and changed to an AMEX personal card. "


I would say your UTR letter may have been a problem
Whats the date on it and does your name and utr number on it match exactly with what’s on the amazon account ?
If it was a letter from hmrc just confirming the number, have you checked it is actually correct ?

For another bank / kyc verification after only a year, something must have triggered it. What bank account do you use?


I opened a support case and have had a reply back:

Dear TechnicalTraders,

This is Shwetha from Amazon’s Account Health Support team.

I am responding to your question regarding your account deactivation. I would like to assist you with your questions and help you to reactivate your account.

In order to address your concern, I will be transferring your case to a skilled team for further assistance.

You can view your account performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon seller app on your iOS or Android device. Your Account Health shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.

– Download iOS App at (
– Download Android App at (

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Ch S. Seller Support


So that was helpful…not :scream:

Tbh I’d go with what @The_Little_Shop suggested as chances are you’re going to have to get to the bottom of this yourself. So even if those suggestions just exclude possibilities at least you know what it’s not.


I wouldn’t hold your breath for this ‘Specialist Team’ to resolve the issue.

Amazon shut down my German seller account back in the summer because I de-registered for VAT; when the VAT number expired, Amazon’s system picked up on it and automatically created the suspension.

I de-registered because, after Brexit I stopped doing FBA and my sales were well below the registration threshold. Unfortunately, if you have previously had a registration number on your Amazon account, it can never be removed as they expect to see it there. Ironically, if you’ve never entered a VAT reg number you can sell for years with no issues!

Anyhow, I appealed as you would expect and I was told a ‘Specialist team is looking into it.’ This went on for months and still hasn’t been resolved! Clearly the reality is, they have done absolutely nothing.

It sounds like you have been extremely unfortunate and I wish you the best of luck getting reinstated.


Hi Rapid_Eyewear_Sungl1,
Thank you for sharing your experience. I was hoping like any seller who are in the same situation by opening a case and being transferred to the ‘Specialist Team’ was at least a positive response from Amazon, as my Account has been deactivated appeal was just automatically shutdown. But, guess that after selling on Amazon for some 10 plus and just like any other seller who receives any Amazon seller notification(s), Amazon are constantly letting sellers know our accounts are likely to be deactivate / shutdown.
I hope you are able to got account active soon.