Account still suspended after confirmation of account has been activated by Amazon



I hope anyone can advise or share their experience. My account was suspended on Sunday afternoon without any email from Amazon I noticed other seller also faced similar issue. Amazon asked me to provide certain information and documents which I did and I received an email today that "Good news! Your Selling on Amazon payment account has been activated. "

But my account is still suspended its been more than 4 hours since I received the email I was expecting it should have been resolved by now.

I have send message to Amazon throug contact us option as cannot chat or speak to them only option is to send email as subject for “Reactivate your account”



That’s nice to hear that you already managed to have the suspension lifted.

Unfortunately, what you are experiencing appears to be a very common issue as many sellers are reporting on the forum every day having their Seller Account still in a suspended status following a successful appeal.

I would advise you to e-mail requesting them to activate your account and include a screenshot of the notice which you received.

Also, you can share any updates in this thread where the issue is being discussed:


Have you checked your ‘account info’ page (listing status) or, any alerts on the page to reactivate your account?


I am new to selling on amazon, I am experiencing the same issue and have received confirmation that my account has been verified and I can start selling, but suspension still not lifted. I have tried many things, like appealing (twice), sending direct email to, opening case for help, contacting seller support by chat and then receiving a phone call, but no reply from amazon on any of the above mentioned platforms, and my account still remains suspended without any notification, help or reply to my queries/requests. The support team member on phone-call said to e-mail directly, which I did but still no reply. NOTE: This has been going on for more than a month now, any suggestions?


Same here, no response at all from customer service since so uploaded docs and got them verified on Wednesday. The CS team are obviously under some sort of instruction not to respond to these emails, probably because what Amazon are doing is illegal / breach of t&cs.


@Kika today i received this email: We reviewed the information you provided and completed the review of your account. We have decided not to disburse any funds to you. Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide details on our investigation methods.

We may not respond to further emails regarding the status of your account or the hold on your funds.

Seller Performance Team


if you are new, do not think your account will activated soon, because in 2019 many new report these issues, some reporting deactivation due to false infringement reports, some due to suspected intellectual property reports. Now the seller verification teams mostly in India, and show their efficiency to Amazon UK , BY suspending accounts, and then takes long to activate. I think you should wait up2 one year now. you may not sell in Christmas Season like other new sellers.