Account suspended because it's info is related to other close account



after doing some researching, I realized that my new company account was suspended. Because of my old account back in 2015.

Here is some background. I opened an account back in 2015 (the UK) and after I got back to my country, I closed that account. opened in Turkey (my country) and I decided to open an account to sell my items in Europe (wasn’t possible back in 2015). Through, I opened a Amazon Europe account and got immediately suspended in because it is related to my old individual seller account.
In Turkey, You can only register as a Company to Amazon Europe, you can’t use individual seller accounts, so I opened my new Company account. I have explained this in my Appeal, but like YouTube, Amazon only sends automated message and the account stays deactivated. I have also opened a case but got no answer. No one is replying to my appeal and case.
And now, I need someone in flesh, alive to explain me to what to do. I’m really tired of those bots and automated systems.


No reply? Well, same from Amazon. they didn’t reply to my appeal and cases. Just waiting.


Why was your original account suspended?
You broke the rules by opening a second seller account in the same region without prior permission and because your original account was suspended thenew one was flagged and also suspended
You need to revisit your original account and work on having that suspension lifted before you can progress any further
If it was only suspended through inactivity or an expired card or something then the fix should be easy enough for you.
When you have fixed the original account you willneed to either retrospectively apply for permission for the second account, or ask Amazon to close whichever account they [not you] prefer so that you re left with only one seller account in this region.


I deactivated my original account. It wasn’t even activated though. I didn’t use it because they was no Paypal option back then. Well, still same. Eventually, it looks deactivated automatically.
When I try to login to my old account, I’m getting (We don’t have a seller account associated with that email address.) When I try to explain in appeal, I’m just getting automated bot responses.


You apparently deactivating your original account means nothing I’m afraid.
What counts is whether Amazon can still see it and consider your new account to be a second, unauthorized, account.
Amazon need to have closed that original account from their end.


Unfortutanely, They don’t answer to my cases, my appeal etc. No response to my case for about a month. It looks like when you are deactivated, no one sees your messages.