Account suspended/deactivated, no response from Amazon for months


I opened an account toward the end of May. Everything was fine until they suspended it about a week later claiming that they were missing documents. After sending them everything they asked for, they said:

_"Please explain the discrepancy between the addresses written in the documentation you provided. How do I send the required information?

Within 14 days, please reply to this email with the information listed above.

If you do not provide the requested information, your account will be restricted as follows:
– From ‎18‎ ‎July‎, ‎2019, your funds will no longer be disbursed in any European Marketplaces.
– From ‎1‎ ‎August‎, ‎2019, you will not be allowed to sell on Amazon’s European Marketplaces."_

I was not quite sure what discrepancy they were referring to, but I assumed they were talking about the fact that I have my business bank statements sent to my residence rather than my official business address. I immediately responded with a proper explanation that it’s more secure and convenient for me to have the bank statements come to my home.

The response I got was:


We are currently reviewing the information that you have provided. We will contact you as soon as we have completed this review or if we need any further information.

We cannot give you an exact deadline, but our team is working hard to complete verification as soon as possible."

I waited two weeks, and nothing. Interestingly, during this time I received TWO emails from Amazon that stated:

_Dear Seller, _

_Good news! Your Selling on Amazon payment account has been activated. _

_We will get in touch with you if we need more information. _

_For any assistance relating to Selling on Amazon or other Amazon services, you can search our help pages or contact Seller Support: _

Happy Selling!
Amazon Payments

Excited, I logged into my account, only to find that it was STILL suspended. I emailed them and asked them what’s going on, and they gave back that generic response posted earlier. (“We cannot give you an exact deadline…”)

I emailed them a number of times asking in all kinds of ways, but politely, to please explain what is going on, and why my account is suspended despite receiving multiple emails that it is activated and verified. All I get is that generic response.

Any idea what to do here?


That notification is odd in a couple of ways
1: I’ve never seen Amazon accept a “discrepancy” in address details before, so asking you to explain yours is unusual, but could be a good sign for you
2: They suspended payments to you from 18Th July, but only stopped you selling from 1st August?
So if they don’t reinstate you, you could have two weeks of sales that you will have to wait at least 90 days for payment for [as that’s the minimum they hold your monies for ]

A delay of a couple of weeks while your account is reviewed is nothing unusual, so don’t be alarmed by this and the apparent discrepancy with the “Your account is activated” email as they are seperate actions.
If you don’t get a resolution soon you could escalate, but hang on a little longer before you take that route.


At this point the delay is more than a couple of weeks. The “discrepancy” email was sent on Jul 4. It’s now more like six weeks.

Any idea if/how to escalate?


That is the Executive team, who can direct your query to the most appropriate place, and hopefully expedite proceedings to boot.


The communication which you received indicates that your Seller Account is still undergoing a verification. Verification can take anything from a few days to a few weeks or months and there is no way how to speed it up.

Since there was a discrepancy between your registered address and the one displayed on your documents, expect that the entire process will take more than usual.

Over the past few weeks, multiple sellers reported getting a notification about having their Amazon Payments Account already activated, only to find it still suspended so what you are experiencing is nothing unusual.

If you have any questions, keep communicating with .