Account Suspended due to verification Failure on setup


Hi All
Hoping someone can help. I tried to set up a seller account at the end of August, I submitted everything that was requested including photo ID’s, proof of address, bank details VAT, company ID’s, confirmed an email so say I wasn’t politically connected etc
Amazon deducted £30+ from my account and immediately suspended the account due to verification failure.
I got an email saying
Your Amazon selling account remains deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you and may be held for 90 days or longer. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account.
Why is this happening?
This decision was made after reviewing both your account and the information provided.
We may not respond to further emails about this issue.
Seller Performance Team

I have tried raising several appeals and have summitted several cases with no response, the cases just keep being closed by Amazon. I need to know what I need to do to get the account activated. Amazon has taken my money, not allowed me to even set up a product and is now ignoring me whilst I try to resolve any issues they have with my info. I can’t fix it if I don’t know what the problem is.
Does anyone know where else I could contact to escalate this or has anyone had a similar issue.

Thanks in advance


They have taken £30 as you obviously signed up to a Professional selling plan.
You need to downgrade to Individual selling plan immediately and then contact seller support and ask for a refund of the fees as you have not sold anything.
Cases with seller support will show as answered/closed, but often means it has been passed on to the relevant department.


I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account was suspended shortly after registration and that you are getting charged a monthly fee.

Regarding the fee, this indicates that you signed up for the Professional Selling Plan (rather than Individual), even if it wasn’t your intention and this was done by a mistake.

If you would like to stop getting charged and downgrade your current plan, please follow this link and click on “Downgrade”:

To get some better advice regarding the suspension, please post here the original suspension notice along with all additional communication between you and Amazon regarding the matter.


I was looking for a professional plan and we were actually going to do FBA. We currently have a vendor account but due to some issues from suppliers we need to move to seller to meet a global strategy,

so the original mail I received after setting up the account is below
We are reviewing your Amazon seller account because we were unable to verify some of the information you provided. During our review, you will not be able to sell on Amazon. Please ship any open orders. If you have any funds in your account, they will be available after any amounts paid for A-to-Z claims or chargebacks on your orders have been deducted. This usually takes about 90 days, but funds may be held longer.
How do I reactivate my account?
To sell on Amazon, we need to verify your identity, business information, or both. You can confirm that you would like to begin the verification process in the following way:
– Click the “Appeal” button next to this e-mail on the Notifications page in the Performance section of Seller Central (
We’re here to help
You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central. If you have questions about those, please send an email to
You can view your account performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health dashboard shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.

When I went to the verification page it showed everything was submitted and the verification tab was greyed out

24 hrs later I received the two emails below


Within 14 days, we need Christopher John Jeffrey to confirm if they are or have been a Politically Exposed Person in order to process your registration. This includes association or relation with someone who is or was a Politically Exposed Person, such as a spouse, child, or business partner.

Please ensure this person replies to this email with the confirmation, formatted as a full sentence as the example below:

"I, [NAME OF THE RELEVANT INDIVIDUAL], confirm that I am not, nor have I ever been, a Politically Exposed Person or have been associated/related with someone who is or was.

[Full Name]"

For your reference, a Politically Exposed Person is a person entrusted with prominent public/political functions, such as:

– Heads of state, government and cabinet ministers

– Influential functionaries in nationalized industries and government administration

– Senior judges

– Senior party functionaries

– Senior and/or influential officials, functionaries and military leaders and people with similar functions in international or supranational organizations

– Members of ruling royal families

– Senior and/or influential representatives of religious organizations

As a licensed payment service provider, Amazon Payments UK Limited is subject to specific obligations in order to open and maintain its accounts. These obligations include the verification of customers’ identity and address, as per the harmonized EU anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regime. This includes individuals who manage or are associated with the account.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time {Moderator Edit (Jessica):link removed}


The Amazon Payments Team

I immediately responded to this email as requested and then I received the mail below,

Dear Seller,
We were unable to verify the information you provided when registering for a Selling on Amazon payment account and, as a result, your Selling on Amazon payment account could not be opened. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to continue to sell on Amazon.
Please take appropriate steps to resolve any open orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee claims and chargebacks may be deducted from the balance in your existing Seller Account.
Please do not hesitate to contact Seller Support with any questions you may have:

Kind regards,
Amazon Payments

And apart from the original mail I posted this has been the last coms I have received other than the mails to say they received a case or appeal

Thanks in advance


From your communication, it sounds like this is the reason why your Seller Account verification failed.

I would advise you to search the forum for other similar cases as this is quite a common issue which can take longer to get resolved.

Here is just one thread regarding the matter:


Thanks Kika

I will pursue this avenue, but I did respond to their request the same day with the requested worded email and had no response