Account suspended even though proof was sent


My account got suspended to listing a product I had to prove I own with a receipt from supplier to prove its genuine after a lot of confusing being a new seller I figured it all out an sent it off with a plan to stop it happenin again in the future.

Not only is my account still suspended they are not replying at all
I opened another account which they closed straight away being linked to the other
Y won’t they reply to me or st least just tell me to stop emailing them or creating cases it’s all altermated terrible customer service


The first thing you do right now, is to close the second account you opened!
That is expressly against Amazon’s T&C’s and will not get you anywhere.

Then post the email you received from Amazon stating what the problem was and your response to it.
Have they actually responded to it? If so, what did they say?


It is a commonly held belief that they only want Large Chinese Business Sellers who do not bother their Seller Support.

We all feel for you as your scenario is so very common and frustrating.
All you can do is re-contact them every 7 days asking for a response and eventually if necessary, write to every week till either they activate your account or advise your account is closed for good.

Re the second account - big mistake - big no no - reply to any mail in that respect with an apology confirming you are now aware a second account is not permitted without prior approval. This account can NEVER be activated till the issue with Acc 1 is sorted.


Hello @U.K_bargins,

As per the information provided I understand that you wanted to know the reason why Amazon is not responding to your appeals.

As per Amazon’s prohibited seller activities and actions policy sellers on Amazon are prohibited to maintain more than one seller central account. To get a reply from the Amazon you need to login in your primary account and appeal from the performance notification. Path: Home page >> Performance tab >> Performance Notification >> Check the email which Amazon send while suspending your account >> Send your details through the “Appeal” option so that the performance team reviews the same.

To complete your review process make sure you provide invoices with the below mentioned details:

  1. Invoices must be procured with in last 365 days
  2. Must have your supplier details.
  3. Quantity in invoices must reflect the sales volume on Amazon.

In case you do not have invoices with the above mentioned requirements then provide the reason for the same.

Additionally I would suggest you to provide the authorization letter which is provided by the manufacturer of the product to the supplier that he is an authorized distributor of the specified brand.

If you are the trademark owner, provide a copy of the registered trademark certificate, in addition to your business license or your identity document.

Incase previously you have received an email from the team that they might not respond to your emails then you will only receive a response once required documents have been accepted.

Provide the documents with the above mentioned details, so that the team can review and help you with the account.



Thank you for your message.

I have already sent the supplier receipt with all details on it.

Also their are only 3 suppliers that sell thins product it’s a reputable buyer who sells for the brand where I bought it all from.
It was done within 365 days all on my main account

The other account cannot be closed it won’t allow me to.

I’ve wrote to the seller support manager who is going to review my paper work
No reason to suspend me as I say I only made the second account after suspension realising amazon are not good with customer service no1 to speak to all computers


Amazon Always suspend sellers who open second accounts without permission- it’s the biggest sin you can commit on Amazon!!


I thought that that was not refunding a customer on demand? :grinning: