Account suspended - Fair Pricing Policy - Latex Gloves - POA


Dear sellers and forum members,

now the Corona crises reached us too - our account has been suspended as we received 13 policy violations against the fair pircing policy.

Did we sell face masks or gloves for 99.-GBP? No.

We sold latex gloves for 8.-GBP + delivery as we do since years as B004OYWBR8 B005G3R4GY B004OYWBNC B00JF1YGAK B01N6QMTLA etc.
Amazon selles them for 5.-GBP + delivery.

But due Corona it seems they setup an algorithm to check pricing of Corona items and in percent we did price gauging…as its 60% more than the average price.

With this logic this alogrithm will be a nightmare for many sellers i guess. :frowning:

Here our plan of action - what would you change?

The root cause of the issue

  • due the Corona Virus an Amazon algorithm checks all prices of face masks, gloves etc.
  • as we ship from abroad we did add a part of the postage into the article price
  • the algorithm reported us as our price has been higher than the average price
  • so we received warnings as we did violate the “fair pricing policy”

The actions that you have taken to resolve the issue

  • we changed the pricing model of all articles we sell and will charge the customers only the article price – without any hidden shipping addon
  • so we could lower the article price by 2.-GBP – 3.-GBP per item now
  • we even removed all articles where we have no competitive price
  • we removed all latex gloves from amazon

The steps that you have taken to prevent the issue going forward

  • I and my team know about the Fair Pricing Policy:
  • i spoke to Mr. $name who is responsible for our Amazon UK account to keep an eye on “Corona” relevant products. We didnt and wont add a corona bonus here or onto other articles!
  • we did setup a max. price for all items now to avoid wrong prices in future
  • we will raise the shipment costs and not the article price in future if the carriers (FedEx etc.) charge us more for shipment
  • we dont do price gouging or use an external software which raises our prices automatically
  • we wont list articles if we don’t have a competitive price as this would harm the reputation of us and amazon
  • we did setup a blocklist for gloves and face masks now (see attachment)

Thanks for your time and support


We are getting these violations, for items like clown masks, just because it has the word Mask in the title. Amazon must be run by a bunch of fools. I realise it’s automated but someone has to first create the rules for the bot.


Hello @sotel-electronics,

From your post I understand your account has been suspended due to violation of Amazon’s fair pricing policy and you need help with your plan of action.

As you are aware about the demand for the medical disinfect products, the pricing shouldn’t be adjusted due to this.

After reviewing your post, I have few suggestions on your plan of action:

  1. Root cause:

I appreciate that you are acknowledging that you did change the pricing. However, irrespective of shipping internationally, increasing the price point of the product will lead to pricing violation. You will need to add the shipping charges separately but not include it in the product price.

  1. Corrective measures taken:

Kindly make sure that you do not set excessive shipping costs as this might lead to the violation of prohibited activities and actions policy. You can learn more about the prohibited seller activities here:

Removing the listings is only a corrective measure but not a solution to the issue identified.

  1. Preventive measures to avoid similar issue in future:

You need to make sure that it is in accordance with the Minimum and Maximum pricing policy. Visit: for more information.
Our Sellers are expected to price their products in accordance with the fair pricing policy irrespective of the product category. Please visit the help page here: for more information.

Describe in detail about the preventive action plan on how you will ensure you do not violate fair market pricing policy going forward. You need draft your appeal based on the changes which you can implement in your business and send it across. Our team will review and help you accordingly.