Account suspended for related account


Our account was suspended for related account reason in Nov-19. One appeal got rejected in Dec-19. After reading all forum posts i have redone my appeal. Please see below our appeal draft with names removed. It gives all details after a thorough check. Kindly advise if any changes needed:

We now understand that some of our actions were against Amazon policies which resulted in our suspension. After our investigation and lots of research with our team, we found the areas that we have failed.

The root cause of the issue

  1. We did not carefully read the “Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions” and in particular the policy on “multiple seller accounts” which states that operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is prohibited.

  2. Because of lack of knowledge, we opened multiple seller accounts without prior permission from Amazon.

The details of the 3 related suspended accounts is given below:

2a) Account A was the first one to be established only for European marketplaces for travel accessories category which remained active for some time but stopped trading from April-2019. We forgot to close that account.

2b) Account B was established for European marketplaces in different category with all different details but that business never really started and we forgot about the account itself.

2c) Account C account was established only for Indian marketplace in sports and fitness category.

Email: Account A
Account B
Account C
Company Name:
Registered address
Bank Account:
GST Number
PAN number

  1. One of the related account Account A could not submit the tax declaration/tax registration certificate in time for German tax compliance because that account was inactive and we missed the email from amazon regarding the deadline. Hence their German storefront was blocked. We think that as a result of this suspension, other two related accounts (Account B and Account C) got simultaneously suspended on 15th November 2019.

  2. The identity, credit card and bank account information of Account B was not updated.

The actions that you have taken to resolve the issue

  1. I have carefully read the “Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions” and the complete policies and Agreement section on Amazon. The above actions were in violation of the rules on multiple seller account.

2)The required tax declarations by Account A have been submitted and the related suspended account has been re-instated for all European marketplaces including Germany (see attached confirmation from Amazon on account re-instate). We have since closed that account permanently (confirmation attached).

  1. I have carefully looked at any other possible account in the family which may be related to our account. We found one more personal seller account with email which was in good health and which we have made the request to close(confirmation attached). This account was opened long time back for selling only personal used items which has not been used for long time and was always in good health.

  2. The credit card and bank account info of Account B has been updated based on details for one of the shareholder directors of the said company. The company for Account B has already been closed so its identity can no longer be verified now.

  3. We now have two people monitoring all emails so that important emails from Amazon on compliance or any other related matters are not missed.

The steps that you have taken to prevent the issue going forward

  1. In future if there is a legitimate business need for a new seller account I will first take prior permission from Amazon.

  2. I have explained the policy on multiple seller account to all family members in my household so that no one else also opens a new account by mistake.

  3. To avoid a repeat of this issue due to multiple related accounts, we have already taken steps to fully close all inactive accounts in Europe including this one. Once that is done we will continue only with the Indian account(Account C).

We remain committed to diligently follow the policies and guidelines of Amazon. We assure that we have now read all policies and procedure carefully and such mistakes will not be repeated. We earnestly request you to please re-instate and then close our account at the earliest based on following key points:

  1. Because of lack of knowledge there were multiple seller accounts opened without permission from Amazon but each of them had a legitimate business need due to different shareholders, different category and different marketplace. Each of them had a different bank account, different email, different category and was in good health when the other seller accounts were opened.
  2. All of the accounts were opened when the other related seller accounts were in good health so there was no attempt to open a new account because an existing account had got suspended.
  3. The European accounts were opened early in our Amazon journey and since we had stopped operating in Europe the accounts remained open by mistake. All the European accounts were in good health and one got suspended only in October-19 for a technical reason which affected many other sellers , and which led to suspension of the other related accounts. As soon as we realised the mistake we took the step to re-instate and close one account, close the personal seller account and now submitting the appeal to re-instate and close this account.
  4. It seems we have got into cyclical loop where one account cannot be re-instated while the other remains in suspended state. Once this account is re-instated and closed it will help to re-instate the Indian account, which is the only one we want to retain.

If there is anything missing in our Appeal we are committed to do and provide whatever else is needed to re-instate our account.


  1. Account block and account re-instate confirmation for Account A
  2. Account closure confirmation for Account A
  3. Account closure confirmation for


It would appear that you have covered everything, as long as you are sure that these are all of the accounts that were opened, or partially opened on Amazon and that you have no connection to any other accounts.
Because of the plethora of accounts this may be difficult to recover from, but as you have said

Then you may be OK
EXCEPT that there must be one related account that “may not be used to sell on Amazon” and you will need to identify that account and if unverified [as not fully opened] or suspended, you will need to address those issues first.


Hello @eShoppiti,

I see that you have given a full justification regarding the multiple accounts issue. What i can suggest is to submit this appeal using the appeal option reflecting on your performance notification.

As the concerned team would be taking the review of the appeal and act accordingly.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Adrian. To my best knowledge there was only Account A which was suspended for a reason other than being related to another account. We re-instated and closed that Account A. Both Account B and Account C were suspended for being related to another account that may not be used to sell on Amazon. Account B has some pending information on identity but that account was never suspended for that reason. In fact except the german storefront all other European marketplaces of Account B remain not suspended. On other european marketplace homepage it only says - Additional information is required for your Selling on Amazon payment account to be opened. You will not be able to sell on Amazon until you provide the information required, and that information has been verified. To provide the required information, please click here.

The pending information is something on the type of company it is. I can update that but then they would verify the whole company information again which is not possible since the company is closed now. That is what i clarified in my Appeal as well. But as i said the other marketplaces don’t say that the selling privileges have been removed. it is only german marketplace which says that.

The other issue could be that while Account A has been closed (i checked it on phone and i tried loggin in and it does say no seller account exists with that email id) but amazon never sends confirmation of account closure. they only send email saying they have started closing procedures on that account. i dont know what seller performance team sees on their system though.


Thanks Harleen. But appeal option i already used once and no longer have that tab for appeal online. I can submit additional information on same appeal already submitted earlier but there is no button for appeal again.


In the absence of any other suspects then yes, I would currently focus on “account A” and check to see if it is indeed fully closed, or if it is the cause of your problems.
If you are unable to get a definitive answer form Amazon [Not SS but a meaningful dept] then why not write up a POA as though this account is the culprit, and show that you deleted all listings, and went through the account closure procedure but believe that this account is still mistakenly being linked to your new accounts.
Also include copies of the emails confirming closure of that account.
Add in details about why you needed the new accounts, be more detailed than in your poa above in that respect.


thanks. that is a good suggestion. should i send that POA for account closure to seller performance only?


If seller performance is who you have been dealing with, then yes.


sorry one more question. i dont think i deleted the listing in all marketplaces before closing the account. i checked an old link to the listing and it still shows that product listing but currently unavailable. is that a problem?


Of course that is a problem because if you were able to check then it shows that the account isn’t fully closed…


but how will i delete the listings now given that i no longer have access to that account now? besides, even if a seller account gets closed can an ASIN not remain on system? i could be selling a generic product under a common asin used by other sellers too. i cant access this listing from a seller account but from an old link to the listing on my email.


Your listing should be deleted from your inventory, not simply set to zero or put on holiday mode.
You will need to speak [email] to seller performance to investigate whether your account is simply dormant or is actually closed.
If only dormant then it is the cause of your current problems.


ok thank you so much for your help and guidance. let me give it a try.

would you suggest that in my email i simply mention about closing this account only properly rather than explaining the whole thing about all related accounts and suspensions etc as that would then require a long and complicated POA which may even confuse them?


Just try and concentrate on the original supposedly closed account for the moment until you determine if it really is the cause of all this.


ok thanks. i will try that.


I sent the email to seller performance team yesterday to check and close the account fully and also delete the listings permanently. They seem to have forwarded to seller support who responded as follows:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand you want to close your seller account " Account A ", but think it is still not closed. You are getting an email from amazon for this account.

We reviewed your selling account and see that it has been 51 days since the account was terminated. Your account is closed by Amazon as per your request.

Based on above it seems the account is closed. from all messages on this forum for those people who thought the account was closed but it actually was not they could login into account and see the message that account is suspended even though they assumed it is closed. In my case i cant login to account as it says no seller account is associated with that email. so i am not sure what else to do now to confirm if account is permanently closed?


If that account is closed as Amazon have confirmed then your situation just became much worse, because you now have to identify another related account of which you are currently unaware.
Amazon have never been shown to get this wrong, so it would seem that another unusable account is out there with a tangible link to yours.
Without finding it and addressing that link you are stuck.


the only other account which is linked and which is suspended is Account C. The primary suspended account was Account A which is now closed. Account B and Account C were both suspended because of being related to Account A as far as i know. They both got suspended on same date. Also Account B only the german storefront was suspended and their mail specifically said that this account is related to another account not allowed to sell on and that can only be Account A whose german storefront was suspended for tax non compliance. There is nil possibility of any other german account on my side. Now that account A is reinstated and closed, account B and C could be left in a circular logic of one being suspended because of being related to the other. I am certain i now have no other account so i think i will have no choice but to escalate to jeff as final resort.