Account suspended Since August


This is unbelievable, since August of last year we have been trying to get this account reactivated, we have sent so many emails, and telephoned so many times and NO ONE at Amazon can explain why the account was deactivated, NO ONE can see why the account is deactivated.
How about Amazon starts being open and explaining what is wrong, instead of passing it off that we may have operated the account to engage in prohibited, deceptive or abusive activity.
We are a registered Company, we were selling via FBA so Amazon had our stock, I don’t know how a Handbag or a purse can be described as a prohibited item, we Have not made false claims about our products, and we definitely have not been abusive, though it could be justified due to the inability of Staff at Amazon to explain what is wrong with the account and what needs to be done to resolve the issue, Amazon Staff have however been good at closing tickets without responding, failing to return phone calls, and support requests.


If you can post the original suspension message, and start from there we can take a look and try to help.

I realise there is probably a lot of case history since August, but start at the beginning.


Hello LaBante_Ltd ,

As @PeterB suggested could you post the email you have received so that we can help you better.

Generally Amazon would request for a Plan of action in 3 steps to complete the account review.

– The root cause(s) of the issue.
– The actions you have taken to resolve the issue immediately.
– The steps you have taken to prevent the issue immediately going forward

Along with Plan of action team can also request for some necessary documents for verification purposes. Make sure you include all the details provided in the notification you have received so that the team can review and help you with the account activation.



The account was initially suspended due to unathorised access / hacking of the account, we noticed the issue and reported it to Amazon, susequently we changed all the users and passwords and the bank account details, the account was then reactivated, less than a month later the account was again suspended, we have been unable to find out why, no support staff have been able to advise why, or can see a reason for it.
we have provided a plan of action, updated all details added 2 step verification etc, we have even contacted a couple of Managers within Amazon and they also cant explain what the issue is. We have submitted so any support requests, which either remain unanswered or are closed off without any response…


What was this for???


You need to post the original suspension message. Even Amazon mods have asked you to do this so they can help.


The plan of action was regarding the unathorised access / hacking of the account.



We believe that an unauthorized party may have accessed your seller account. As a result, we have temporarily restricted access to your account and deactivated your listings. For your security, your full credit card number is not displayed in your account and cannot be accessed via our website.

We do not know how your sign-in information was obtained, since the unauthorized party obtained this information on a site other than Some common techniques used to gain access to this information include:

– Using malicious software to capture a user’s keystrokes and Internet activity

– Trying commonly used passwords

– Sending fraudulent emails asking recipients to provide or update personal, financial, or other account information (commonly known as “phishing”)

Learn more about keeping your account information secure in Seller Central Help:

To regain access to your account, you will need to reset your account password with a new, unique password that you do not use for any other account or website. We also suggest that you change the email address associated with your selling account to prevent unauthorized access from other parties. We also suggest you review your Seller Central account to verify that the following information is accurate. If changes have been made, please make the necessary corrections.

– Email address preferences

– Payment information

– Authorized secondary users on the account

– Two-step verification details

– Business, shipping and returns, and tax information

– Active and pending promotion codes

– User permissions

– Amazon Storefront

– Listings and condition notes

If the unauthorized party accepted orders for items you did not list, we recommend canceling orders that have not shipped or offering refunds for orders that the unauthorized party marked as “shipped.”

If you find problems with recent disbursements, you can follow this link to reach a member of the Seller Performance Team: In your email, please include the last four digits of the bank account where your disbursements should be deposited.

Once you have confirmed that your account and listing information is accurate, change your listing status to Active to sell on

If you need help with your account or listings, you can reach our Seller Support Team by clicking Get Support at the bottom of any page in Seller Central.

Seller Performance Team


was that an email to you or a notice via ‘red flag’ on your performance notifications ?

Did you do as they said as well and go to your ‘holiday settings’ and click on the active button?


this was emailed, everything was done, the account was reactivated and working then less than a month later account was again suspended, everything that has been requested has been provided, None of the support staff have been able to explain why


I have emailed support regarding this account the support requests keep being closed without any responce, Amazon Support is non existant, frustrating that a company the size of Amazon has such poor customer service,


Good Morning,

I feel your pain, we have the same problem.

Suspended in August, we cannot access funds or get our products from Amazon Warehouse.


seller performance did not respond to any email, appealed with poa on seller forum recommendation but did not received any response since 8th January. hold all funds from last three months, and issue refunds to customers with out our knowledge even item is delivered and authorise returns after more then 30 days


If your account was reinstated after you reset passwords etc, then suspended again a month later then this unauthorised access is probably not the issue.

You said “engage in prohibited, deceptive or abusive activity” , where did you get this from? Please post this notification/email