Account Suspended


Hi friends, I have requested to open an account about 10 days ago. I sent an email to 2 days ago and 3 days ago I filed a lawsuit. Then came the attached e-mail. But my account is suspended.


I’m sorry, who did you file a lawsuit against? For what?


Hi Peter, I opened a case. For approval of my account.


I am sorry, unfortunately I don’t think that filling a lawsuit a few days following the registration of your Seller Account is a good idea.

If you already e-mailed Amazon and submitted all requested documents, I can only advise you to patiently wait for them to get back to you.

This can take anything from a few days to weeks, so please be patient and meanwhile you can spend time by reviewing all Amazon policies and guidelines, which will be very helpful for you as a new seller.

Also, don’t forget to go through the Seller University which includes lots of information and videos:


Do you mean you opened a case?
Verification of a new seller account can, in some circumstances,take months, not less than a week
So if you really did mean that you filed a lawsuit then I would drop it asap to ensure you don’t lose money to Solicitors for nothing
If you meant that you opened a case with SS, then it is too early in the proceedings to have done so.
Have some patience and supply all the info Amazon request.