Account Suspension warning: But *which* UK courier will deliver to EU PO Box number?


We cancelled 3 seller-fulfilled orders this week from the same UK customer whose delivery address was a non-UK PO Box number, and now have an “Account Suspension” warning! DPD told us they cannot deliver to PO Box numbers (except in Middle East). Can anyone recommend a reliable shipping method to non-UK PO Box numbers? (For parcels of between 8kg and 25kg). How are PO Box numbers compatible with a “signed-for” shipping service that we advertise? Devastated to have the threat of account suspension hanging over us when we believed we were acting in the best interests of the buyer by cancelling orders we apparently could not fulfill. We are in all other respects exemplary sellers with a perfect track record.


Hello @Evo_Supplies_Ltd,

From your post, I understand that you are looking for a help in regards to tie up with a shipping method to non-UK PO Box numbers since you had to cancel orders due to delivery issues.

You have an option to adjust the shipping settings based on the location. Please visit: for more details.

I’d suggest that you proactively write to our seller performance team explaining the following points:

  1. Root cause about why you had to cancel the orders.
  2. The corrective measures you have taken to help your customer in this case and
  3. What precautionary steps you can implement so that your buyers and your metrics are not impacted.

Additionally you can take a look at our FBA fulfillment program here:

Best of luck,