Account verified but still deactivated, now what do i do?


Hello i have opened a account back in Oct 2019, i was not aware of that in order to sell on amazon uk, we need to have a business company since we are base in USA, as we try to register a business in our state, our account was suspended due to we weren’t able to provide the business license number at that time as it takes months to register with our state government, and without knowing there is time limit before the suspension, in Jan 2020, we finally have the business registered and was able to uploaded them, and we got a email from amazon “Your information is verified – Start selling on Amazon now” -Dear Seller, Good news! Your Selling on Amazon payment account has been activated, But as today the account is still deactivated, i am very confused on what to do next or where to look for help, if anyone have any helpful tip, i would really appreciate it!, Many thanks and stay safe!


Activation is step one, next comes verification which can take several weeks normally, but may take even longer given the present situation.
Just make sure you provide all the info Amazon request.


Hi @HelloLoveWorld,

Jane from Amazon here with some tips for you.

I understand that your account is still deactivated despite submitting the required business information.

In order for us to offer you with more specific support, I would encourage you to reply to this thread with all notifications you have received informing you of the enforcement, for the community and I to review and provide additional insights.