Accurate Payment Reports


I am writing my own Amazon to Quickbooks integration however I am really struggling to get accurate numbers from Amazon.

Currently, I go to Payments -> Date Range Reports and download the transactions from there.

However, it doesn’t seem to be very reliable, often the numbers in different columns are different, especially on IOSS sales. Is this the most accurate reports that Amazon offers?

It’s a bit infuriating that Amazon can’t do basic maths.


Can you give an example of numbers being different?

Do you use Amazon VCS? Maybe have a look at Tax document library > Amazon VAT Calculations > VAT Calculation and generate a report to see if it’s any different.


I don’t use VCS no.

Normally if the buyer pays for postage it appears in “postage credits” and the relevant tax in “shipping credits tax” then this is normally offset under “promotional rebates” and “promotional rebates tax”

However, there are times it is not offset under promotional rebates and instead is added to FBA fees which always then ends in bad calculations by Amazon.

Even on the GUI the numbers don’t add up.

On the csv report, the fba fees was -7.88 for this transaction.


Hello @user25082022

Have you tried also with the other types of reports?
I`m sharing here the list what i found related to payments reports, maybe you find some useful information.