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Hi, I have had a line removed by Amazon as a customer has said what they received was in USED condition. I am a sole trader, using 99% FBA.
I check the goods in and then dispatch them to FBA myself - and so I know they are in new condition when they leave me.
So I can only think of 2 scenarios_ either the Amazon warehouse have received a customer return and subsequently shipped it out to a different customer as a new order OR the Amazon warehouse has shipped another sellers stock instead of mine.
Everything I buy is through the official UK distributor - it is good quality items.
I explained this to Amazon and they said I need to make a plan as to how I will ensure this doesn’t happen again??
I haven’t done anything wrong! I cannot begin to think what to put in a plan - can anyone help please - I asked them to call me to have a sensible discussion but they said they do not speak with sellers directly they are:
Would appreciate any help. thank you


You need to post the actual notification.

But in any case, it should be fairly easy to defend.
Assuming that you have valid recent invoices, then a copy of them along with your appeal.

If you search the forums, you will find plenty of similar appeals.


Hi Neil and thanks for your reply. I have rarely been on the seller forums and so could you tell me where i would find the appeals that I can use as an example please?
Do others get totally stressed out by Amazon accusations? It really really worries me - but I think it is the frustration of not being able to have a discussion about matters that makes matters worse. If only we could have an Account manager allocated by Amazon we may be able to resolve some of the regualr frustrations! Happy New Year by the way.


Just search the forums, that’s all I would do.
There are plenty of examples.

And yes, I think most do get stressed over it, particularly if it’s your main source of income.

It is actually possible to get an account manager, but it will cost you! There is a scheme, but can’t remember the name of it now. But probably not worth the effort.
But why on earth they can’t do as pretty much every other business and allocate someone, to be able to talk to I’ll never understand. Amazon use automation far too much.

And a happy new year to you to.


Thanks Neil - I regularly ‘have a word’ with myself about letting Amazon get to me as much as they do… need to get one of those headspace apps for 2020!
Best wishes


Just my few pence here, I always tell people not to rely on single source of income and not to build your life business on a single platform. This happens all the time, lives and businesses are destroyed within seconds, by big marketplaces. You can be banned, limited tomorrow due to anything.


For a “used as new” FBA appeal then you may need to have one of your immediate action steps as placing a security seal on your product, so that once removed [or broken] then the unit can no longer be sold as new.
That way returns would have to be placed in unfulfillable inventory and not placed back into stock.
Your POA needs three sections
1: Root cause behind the complaints.
And you seem to have identified the main possibility [customer returns being resold]

2: Immediate actions you HAVE taken to resolve the issue highlighted as your root cause, and caused by it
That would be refunding any affected customers, recalling stock to have a non removable seal placed on the remaining units, or having a bin check done to ensure existing stock is in new condition.
It may also mean reading policy pages on listing guidelines, and then naming and linking them in your plan [just to prove to Amazon that you know the rules]

Once you have listed the immediate steps you have taken you move to
3: Proactive steps you plan to implement moving forward to ensure this “used as new” issue cannot recur
[If you didn’t recall stock to put a seal on those units then maybe the seal can be part of your forward planning for new stock].

This is not about admitting fault, that isn’t necessary, it’s simply about showing Amazon that you have identified the problem and added effective measures to resolve and prevent a recurrence.


Hi and thanks SO much for your reply. I wouldn’t be allowed to put a seal of any kind on the items as they are officially licensed brands and the boxes they are in, constitute a gift box for many recipients. That aside, your explanation is really helpful. (although I still believe it is mad that I have to do this when it is an FBA issue).
I have been selling these items for 5 years with NO other complaints and so if Amazon could look sensibly at the situation they would realise it was new when it arrived at the warehouse and something has happened subsequently.
I shall spend time today trying to sort it out.
Thank you


Suggested immediate action (prominently mentioned in your action plan):

  • Disable the “Furbish Unsellable Customer Returns” option


Thank you SO much - I have just done this.
Seems it will take years and years to get to grips with all the options!
I guess that’s why Seller Forums can be excellent for information sharing.
Thanks again.

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