Adding product, random item title conflict


Hello, im adding a few items to the inventory.

I’m just adding my first product that isnt already on Amazon.

Its a phone charger, but the page wont let me add Phone charger because it conflicts with another product…which is an XL leopard print Hoodie, i’m not sure how but that’s what it keeps saying.

Maybe it something to do with the product code or type, but its an 8 digit code underneath the barcode and ive tried adding the type UPC and EAN but the same error still wont disappear.

any ideas? thanks


you either need to purchase EAN’s from GS1, or apply for exemption


Hey @Outpost_Sales,

Do you have an update on this?



I’m still getting to grips with it all but he was right RE purchasing the Codes.

Thanks for following up, I also realise I posted in the wrong section and happy to have this deleted.


Hey @Outpost_Sales,

No worries, I moved the thread, main thing is you got your issues solved!