Advertisement Cost



How do advertisement costs work?

I have started advertising in a market where my balance is £0,

will the cost be taken away from my total account balance or will I be charged separately?



If you start getting sales it will be deducted from your running balance, in case of more ad costs vs turnover/sales Amazon will charge the negative amount from your charge method on file.


if you have no available funds to deduct from, they will charge your card


So I have sales in the US will it be deducted from this, or will it be done separately?


if the advertising is on UK site, your UK card will be billed - not deducted from your US funds



I know that Amazon are no longer accepting VISA credit cards but can sellers still charge their VISA credit cards for advertising costs when they’ve exhausted their disbursement funds?


Amazon are still accepting visa credit cards for seller accounts and fees - just not purchases on buyer accounts


Perfect. Thanks for your help.

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