Advertising and listing tweaks on (UK seller)


Hello, I am trying (and pretty much failing right now) to support a product on the DE platform. (I already have this on the Amazon UK platform)

As a beginner overseas, the process of listing in Germany has been miserable, frankly.

However I want to do what I can to get a product pushed hard ion the DE platform, so I have some questions for anyone who may be inclined to answer,

  1. Keywords/Advertising. I am running an automatic campaign in Germany but am getting very few (almost no) impressions and spending no money (and getting no sales as a result). Is there a process available to learn what my keywords are in German or, should I use the services of a translator or service provider to help me?

  2. Updating a listing on the DE platform. The product I have live on the DE platform was automatically uploaded by Amazon onto the DE platform. If I make changes to the German bullet points, will this just change the bullet points on the DE platform, or will this feed through to the UK version?

  3. Presently I just use EFN to get product to Germany. If I ship product to a German warehouse, in bulk, will this help improve the visibility of the product on the DE platform?

Any help would be much appreciated,